Sell your Samsung Phone to us and get top dollar! Recell Cellular makes it much easier for you to move up to the newest Galaxy, or switch devices all together, before your service provider wants to allow you to.

Have you seen the rumored specs of the Samsung Galaxy S7, expected within the next 6 months? It’s supposed to have 4GB of RAM, a 30 MP rear camera and 10 MP front camera, and might be waterproof. We’ll happily buy your Galaxy S6 or prior model and give you a nice payout to put towards this revolutionary device, or if you don’t have the S6 yet and are just going to take advantage of the price drop when the S7 is released, we can help put money in your pocket for that too.

No one will pay you more for your Samsung phone than Recell Cellular, and no one gets you your money faster.

Other companies will offer you less for your device than we will. We’ll pay you more and it’s easy for us prove it — use our quote generator and find out how much you can expect us to pay you for your device. We’ll email you a prepaid shipping label so you can send us your device at our expense. Once we verify a clean ESN, we’ll send you your money within 3 days, however you like: Paypal, Moneygram, or check (If your device shows a bad ESN, we’ll contact you with a new, lower quote for you to consider).

And remember, if you live in the Wilmington, NC, you can give us a call Monday through Friday between 10-6pm and avoid the shipping process all together.