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About Recell Cellular

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Recell Cellular, located in Wilmington, North Carolina, is an established leader in the Cell Phone Re-Commerce industry. We are the premier place to sell your cell phone online. We buy new, used, and broken cell phones in any quantity. Phones that are purchased are tested, repaired/reconditioned, and then resold or recycled. This offers consumers the ability to turn their phone into cash, as well as upgrade at a very reasonable cost.

We buy and sell phones from most national carriers; however, your current contract never matters to us. We want you to be able to upgrade to any phone you want at anytime that you choose. Our payouts are the highest in the industry! Plus we offer the ability to Trade your current phone towards any phone that we have listed for sale. You can visit our site anytime to Sell, Buy, Trade-In, or just check the current value of your phone.

Cell Phone values change very rapidly as new phones are introduced to the market. Time is of the essence once you decide to Sell your phone, it will never be worth more than it is today. We are proud to offer pre-paid shipping labels that are mailed to you within 24 hours of your agreement to sell. By emailing you a label we can cut out over a week of wait time for the phone. The faster we get your phone – the faster you get paid.

You will always be secure with Recell Cellular. We give you the ability to track your phone from the minute that you send it up until you get paid. We are the premier place to sell your cell phone online.

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Recell Cellular Service

Customer Service is the backbone of Recell Cellular. So many of our customers are repeat, our business is built on meeting the needs of today’s tech savvy shopper. We truly believe that you are not a customer for today, but rather a customer for life.


Recell Cellular Value

Our competitive pricing scale ensures that you get the most cash for your phone. High Payouts, Free Shipping, and the Fastest Payments make the decision to choose Recell Cellular so easy.


Recell Cellular Communication

We post our phone number, our email address, and social media links because we want to answer your needs as easily as possible. If you ever need us know that we are here for you.