When Is The Best Time To Sell My iPhone

Retail Price Fluctuations Affect Market Value of Your iPhone, We Answer When is the Best Time to Sell My iPhone
Current Retail Store Buyback Programs:
Retail stores often have a buyback program where they will purchase your old iPhone for a standard rate so that you can receive some cash to purchase an additional phone from them. The problem with these programs is that retail price fluctuations cost potential iPhone sellers hundreds of dollars on any given day, dependent upon a host of varying factors. When an individual wishes to sell their iPhone to a retail store, they have to physically go to the location.
Then once the seller is there, they have to negotiate the selling price of the iPhone. These negotiations are contingent upon several different factors that severely affect the resale value of the iPhone:
        •Physical Condition Of The Phone
        •Usage Pattern
        •Size of the Phone
        •Current Market Value
And then the retail locations do something that most sellers wouldn’t expect, they take into consideration a host of other factors that drive down the value of the iPhone at a steep rate. They factor in the following as well when an individual comes in to sell their iPhone:
        •Current Stock of Buyback iPhones In The Back
        •How Many iPhones They Can Buyback Per Quarter
        •Stipulations of a Buyback Program Only With Purchase of a New Phone
        •Act Now Or Price Decreases
Combine all of these factors into one long list of how retail stores arrive at the value they are willing to buy back an iPhone for, and consumers are losing money rapidly. Retail stores make it a point to keep as much value of the iPhone for themselves so that they continue to make money in the long run instead of providing a fair trade in a phone for cash.
When a consumer goes to get an estimated value of their phone they have to go through the checklist we mentioned, and the first thing on that list is the physical condition of the phone. Each retail location that a seller might go to will have their very own physical condition tests that will determine the value that they are willing to give.
Retail locations will thoroughly inspect the condition of the phone, checking the glass, body, earbud port, and then will also swipe around on the phone to make sure that the underlying sensors also work as expected. Retail locations will take points off the inspection chart if they find anything wrong that could devalue the phone such as chips, dings, cracks, or signs of physical wear. The problem with these physical condition inspections is that they don’t remove value from the phone dependent upon the severity of the damage. If there is an extremely tiny crack, they will devalue the phone as if there was a large crack that made the entire glass screen inoperable.
If there was a small ding, they would devalue the phone as if the phone had been dropped from a twenty-foot building instead of two feet onto the pavement. As mentioned earlier, these inspections are designed to reduce the value as much as they can, so that they don’t have to pay the seller the accurate value of the cash so the retail location makes as much money as possible in the long run.
The next thing that retail locations will check and ask about is the usage pattern that the owner put the phone through. Most of the time this is an estimate, simply because users often don’t track how often they charge their phone, what applications they run, how often the phone is on each day, how long do they charge it and the frequency at which they have to charge the phone. Retail locations like to know the usage pattern because it helps to gather knowledge about what the innards of the phone could look and operate. A phone that gets more use, will have more wear and tear, and the battery will have a larger memory effect.
A memory effect simply put, is when users charge their phone before the battery completely runs out, thus draining the full charge of the battery after each repeated procedure. Calculating the usage pattern helps retail locations find ways to reduce the value of the phone, as they can claim that the technology inside the phone and physical condition of the exterior of the phone isn’t as valuable from estimations.
The next thing that retail locations will check is the size of the phone. Both the physical dimensions and the power of the phone. If a retail location does not save the phones that they buyback, they have to ship it back to a warehouse where they store the phones until they continue to move down the chain. This means that certain phone sizes have a different shipping and storage cost. Those two factors will drive down the value of the phone if you try to sell your phone through a retail location.
After that is all said and done, they will then give you the “current market value” of the iPhone. Once they have given the current market value of the iPhone, retail locations will then add on a bunch of stipulations that their corporate office has about buying back iPhones like the things we mentioned in the second list. How many do they currently have already in the back office, how many are they allowed to take per quarter, and are there any extra stipulations with them purchasing the iPhone back from the owner. All of those things come into play, and they will ultimately subtract a certain number from the current market value they originally gave you.
Another problem with retail locations is that they will also push sellers into acting immediately or the value of the iPhone quickly degrades. As soon as a potential customer walks out of the store to think about the bid that the retail location has offered, the current market value estimation that they provide now drops twenty percent. This isn’t fair to individuals looking to sell their iPhone to a buyback program, as customers should have the right to shop around to make sure they are getting the highest value possible for the iPhone that they wish to sell.
All of the things that go into selling your phone at a retail location that we have mentioned above cause price fluctuations for individuals looking to sell their iPhone. Retailers will do whatever it takes to lower the value of the phone so that they can maximize their own return when they use the phone’s technology or try to sell it again. As a result, it is best to go with the trusted and reliable RecellCellular.com, where they don’t do whatever it takes to lower the value. They provide accurate, fair, and great prices to iPhone Buybacks.

Apple Is Changing Their Release Schedule

Selling an iPhone for the most value that one could possibly get has a lot to do with market conditions. What is the current supply of iPhones available? Are there new phones coming out within the next three to four months? How different are the next generation iPhones from the current generation? All of these things come into play when somebody is looking to sell their iPhone for the maximum value that they can get.
Apple recently launched their latest iPhone SE during the Spring of 2016. In the past, Apple launched products around the same time each year in September. This means that the industry as a whole is questioning the release schedule for future iPhone products and what that means for buyback programs.
With a shorter release schedule or more frequent releases throughout the year, the value of current generation iPhones drop with each generation that comes out. This means that the timeframe to get the most value for an iPhone is shorter than ever, so individuals have to act quickly if they wish to get hard cash fast at the highest price.

Best Time To Sell An iPhone

Since the current release schedule is looking more complex, and the frequency of new iPhone products is going to change, one of the most frequent questions is when is the best time to sell an iPhone? Market value price trends and research have shown that the best time to sell is six weeks or more before a new generation is released.
Six weeks is plenty of time to get the best value for an iPhone before the next generation hits. Apple has a tendency to announce their next generations of phone shortly before they are released to the public. Past performances have indicated on average, that Apple frequently announces their next generation lineup with less than six weeks to go before they actually hit the shelves. The six-week timeframe is so that consumers can head to stores and get a pre-order in, and for Apple to get exact supply chain calculations to make sure that they have enough units to ship with accurate sales numbers.
With each passing day, not only does a new generation of iPhones draw near, but the current generation gets older and devalues itself. This means that while an iPhone is ten days old for instance, it has lost a percentage of its original value from the first day it was bought. In addition, six weeks is plenty of time for consumers to scratch up the cash they need to purchase the next generation phone, to make sure that they have the phone that everyone is talking about. The best time through research and experience has been to sell an iPhone in terms of the next generations is six weeks before a next generation launch. If an individual is looking to maximize the value of the iPhone they currently have, the best time to sell is now because, with each passing day, the current market value of the phone lowers itself naturally.

Recell Cellular Honors Quotes For 15 Days

One of the things that we’ve repeatedly mentioned is that retail locations will do whatever it takes to lower the value of the iPhone that is available for a buyback program. Recell Cellular does away with this, as they will honor quotes for fifteen days. One of the things that retail locations will do, as we mentioned is to encourage immediate sales by saying that if they do not act now, the offer they gave will reduce in value immediately for each day or minute that ticks by. This isn’t fair to consumers, as individuals should have the right to shop around and make sure that they are getting the best price available for their iPhone.
Recell Cellular provides the highest market value prices available, and will then honor that quote for fifteen days. This means that with each passing day, as the phone naturally devalues itself because it becomes an older generation, Recell Cellular will still honor the quote they gave you fifteen days earlier for a higher price.
In addition, even if Apple has their announcement party and showcases the list of next-generation iPhones that will become available shortly, they will still honor the offer they gave you before the announcement. This means that consumers are guaranteed to be getting the highest price they were offered at current market value, and no longer participates in shady dealings like retail locations. Recell Cellular makes it a point to make sure that customers are getting the highest value for their phone, without having to deal with the extra hassle.
Recell Cellular Offer Prices Blow The Competition Away

Not only does Recell Cellular make it a point to honor their quotes for fifteen days after they give them, but they will also guarantee to beat the market offerings by twenty dollars more ($20+ more). This means that when Recell Cellular does their own inspection process and evaluates the current market value price of the phone at the exact condition and time of the inspection, they will still beat the rest of the competition by twenty dollars. No other retail or online company has that offer, and then will honor that for an additional fifteen days after the offer was made. Recell Cellular’s iPhone buyback prices quite simply blow the competition away, this makes the choice of where to sell my iPhone an easy one.

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