Facebook Home Review

Facebook Home ReviewFacebook, the social networking giant, recently introduced Facebook home. This is the new and innovative way of accessing Facebook that will lead to a more interesting social life. Everything on your phone gets friendlier as you get upfront access with your friend’s status. With Facebook home, you are able to easily see what your friends are up to and much more right from the app.

In the following sections, we will have a look at some of the features of  Facebook home and how they have come at the perfect moment to make our social lives more interesting and exciting. So read on for more information about this exciting new feature.

Cover Feed

With the Facebook home cover feed, you only need to look briefly at your screen in order to view the posts made by the your friends.

a. Friends Fill Screen

With Facebook home, turning on your device or pressing the home button to exit another app running on the phone takes you directly to the cover feed where you are able to see the activity by your friends in real time. This could be in the form of status updates, photo uploads shares and much more. This keeps you  in the loop and you are never left out in the excitement of life.

b. Get Notifications

You can now get notifications about comments, photo tags and more right from the cover feed. These notifications will be there till you respond to them or remove them from the cover feed if you do not need them at the moment.

Chat Heads Messenger

a. All conversations in one spot

Now you can keep chatting on Facebook while using another app at the same time, thanks to the chat heads messenger. With this awesome feature all your conversations are kept at one place in an organized manner in order.

b. Chat anywhere on your phone

Regardless of what app you are using or what location you are on your phone, you can keep the conversation going on without having to go to the main screen. This is very important as you can now get more work done while at the same time keeping in touch with your friends.

App Launcher

a. Choose what goes where

The app launcher is a very tidy way of getting your favorite apps together. Right from the app launcher, you can go to your favorite apps without having to hunt down the app. You also get to arrange the apps on the app launcher yourself so you have the privilege of choosing what apps to have on the launcher and the order in which they should be arranged.

b. Drag your picture where you want it to go

You can now use your profile picture to navigate to all the important things in your phone. Moving it to the left takes you to the messages and chatting section. Moving it up opens up the app launcher and is also used to make a new Facebook post. Dragging to the right takes you to the app that you were using before.

Facebook home has brought the social networking experience closer to us and made it more fun and intuitive. You can always download it for your android phone from the app store and start using it right away.

Are you already using Facebook Home? If so let us know what your favorite feature is!