Do you erase the personal information on my phone?

We encourage all customers to reset their phones before mailing the device. As part of our inspection process all phones have a master reset is performed and all data is wiped from the phone at that point.

How do I verify that my ESN is clean?

The MEID, IMEI or ESN are usually located in the cell phones battery compartment on the manufactures sticker. If you cannot locate the sticker. You can search via the cell phones settings/tools menu. After locating these numbers contact the service provider to verify that your phone is not lost/stolen or currently active on an account.

Will you buy my CDMA phone with a Bad ESN?

We absolutely will, after selecting the condition of your phone you will be asked if the ESN is clear. If you select that it is not we typically discount the value of the phone by 30%.

What should I mail with my phone?

During checkout please leave a note with what is included with your phone. We ask that whenever possible you send all original packaging, all manuals/booklets, USB cables, chargers, earbuds, cases, etc.

Is there a limit to the number of phones I can sell?

No, we welcome large transactions. For large orders please adhere to the following: If you have multiple phones to sell up to 5, please select add device during quote. For orders in excess of 5 phones please contact us sales@recellcellular.com, and a we will create an invoice as well as arrange the shipping for your

Is my quote guaranteed?

As long as your phone matches the description you selected, your quoted price is guaranteed for 15 days. Time is of the essence throughout the process. Your shipping label will be mailed within one business day to you, please mail the phone back to us as fast as possible to ensure your receive payment in

How do I get paid?

You have a choice of receiving payment through Paypal, Check or Moneygram.