How to Sell Your Galaxy Note 2 Online

How to Sell Your Galaxy Note 2 OnlineIf you no longer need it, why not sell your Galaxy Note 2 to us! At Recellcellular, you  are assured of getting the best price for it. You can make some extra cash or even reduce the number of handsets in your home. For instance, you may have bought a newer model of the phone and you wish to get rid of the old one.

Selling it online is an easy way of getting rid of your old phone safely while at the same time making some extra cash on the side. There are a few steps that should be followed if you want to sell your Galaxy Note 2 online.

1. The first step when you want to sell your galaxy note 2 is to determine how much your phone is worth. Visit our site and pick your carrier to start.

How to Sell Your Galaxy Note 2 Online

2. Once a window pop out, look for your phone model and click ‘Sell Now’.

How to Sell Your Galaxy Note 2 Online

3. You are about to fill in the condition of your phone and get its quote. The condition of the phone and other factors are taken into account when the system is determining this. The grading system is completely free and transparent such that you are able to know exactly how much your galaxy note 2 is worth.

How to Sell Your Galaxy Note 2 Online

4.  You have now your phone’s worth. It’s up to you if you accept or reject it. When you have made your final decision to sell your galaxy note 2, you can go ahead and accept the offer on the site. Click ‘Sell Now”.

5.  After that you need to fill out the form with your personal information and click the ‘Sell Your Phone Now’ button below.

How to Sell Your Galaxy Note 2 Online

6. Once you have submitted the online form you will get a confirmation email with an invoice and instructions on how to print your label. You will be mailed a package where to ship the phone . When you sell your galaxy note 2, you will not incur any extra cost as the package that is sent to you is already postage paid.

7.  The phone will then be shipped and upon arrival it will be inspected. It will be compared with your details which you entered on the site regarding the condition of your galaxy note 2.

8. In case the phone meets the conditions that you declared on the site, you promptly get your payment on its way to you through the preferred mode of payment that you specified when you were signing up on the site.

9. You can check your order status  anytime in Check Status section. All you need is your Invoice ID and the email address that you have provided.

The procedure to follow when you sell your Galaxy Note 2 is quite simple and does not you to incur any added costs. It is a quick way of making money and saving on costs.


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