Apple Iphone 5 16gbHow to Sell Your iPhone 5 Online

Do you need extra money? Do you want to switch from the iPhone 5 to the Samsung Galaxy S4? We can help you out with that.

This article shows you how easy it is to sell your iPhone 5 online without any worries at all.

Selling your iPhone 5 online gives you the option of upgrading your current phone. In addition, you get the best value as Recell Cellular has the most competitive system for valuing your iPhone 5. This way, you get what your phone is actually worth. Let’s look at the steps below that are involved when you sell your iPhone 5 online.

1. When you sell your iPhone 5 online, you first need to go to Recell Cellular and select the iPhone 5 from the device selection section.

Sell Your iphone 5 online

2.The next step is to determine the worth of your iPhone 5 by using the grading system that is offered on the site. Having determined the condition of the phone, the system automatically generates a price offer which is based on the current market dynamics.

Sell Your iPhone 5

3. When you accept the price you will be mailed a shipping label where you will send it to us. This is a prepaid label so you will not be required to incur the extra cost of mailing your iPhone 5.

4. As soon as your iPhone 5 has been received, it will undergo thorough inspection in order to verify its condition. This is done in order to validate that the conditions that you specified on the website is actually the same ones as the ones of the actual phone.

5. Once this is done, your iPhone 5 is as good as sold. You will then receive the payment that was agreed upon using your preferred mode of payment. This can be either by check in the mail, PayPal, Money gram or you can even exchange it for another phone.

In case the conditions you specified and the actual condition of the iPhone 5 does not match, you will be given a different offer based on the actual condition of the phone. You will be required to review the offer and if you are happy with it, you will get paid. However, if you don’t accept the offer, your iPhone will be returned to you.

The procedure to sell your iPhone 5 online is actually quite simple and transparent. Hopefully, this article will increase your confidence and knowledge when you decide to sell your iPhone 5 to Recell Cellular!

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