Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 

Nokia Lumia 920 VS Galaxy S4

Th battle is on with the Nokia Lumia 920 Vs the Samsung Galaxy S4. Who will win you decide! Nokia Lumia 920 and Galaxy S4 are two of the most anticipated smartphones of 2013. Both have strived to offer their customers clearer displays, and an operating system that is going to allow users, to create anything they can imagine. They are at a  head-to-head fight when it comes to features, price, design and technology.

Operating System
In terms of the operating system on which these phones run on, the Samsung S4 runs on the Android OS while the Nokia Lumia 920 runs on the Windows phone operating system. The Android platform is well supported and has many apps in the market place while the Windows market place does not get as much support. However, both of these platforms have a large user base and many fanatics would prefer to stick to a particular operating system.

Samsung Galaxy S4  has the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S3 but has every feature upgraded and improved highly. For example, you can use the front and back camera at the same time when capturing videos and taking photos. It also packs a sensor on the front side of the phone meaning that you can easily scroll through a web page for instance by simply waving your hand. Hand gestures can also be used to do things such as shuffling and skipping through songs in the media player, answer a call among other things.


When it comes to features such as video stabilization, display quality and such stuff, the Nokia Lumia 920 is simply the best. The Nokia Lumia 920 features an 8 megapixels camera while on the other hand, the Samsung galaxy S4 boasts of a 13 megapixels camera. However, Nokia Lumia 920 has been in the market longer and has been taken for extreme tests in order to determine various features and capabilities of the camera such as being able to operate in low light conditions.  Some of these tests involved fixing the phones onto remote-controlled cars and then taken for a rough ride with unexpected twists and turns on the way. This was meant to prove which of the two devices had a superior camera in terms of stability and image correction. 


When it comes to weight, the Samsung galaxy S4 is  lighter than the Nokia Lumia 920. However, some people may like a heavier phone as it gives them a sense of quality.

The Samsung galaxy S4 has a better screen resolution than the Nokia Lumia 920. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5 inch 1080 pixels AMOLED screen while on the other hand, the Nokia Lumia has a 4.5 inch 720 pixels ClearBlack screen. However, despite the Samsung having a superior screen, it is very power-hungry and does not work so well in direct sunlight thus giving the Nokia Lumia an edge over it.

In terms of processing power, the Samsung Galaxy has a Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor running at 1.9 gigahertz while the Nokia Lumia 920 has a Snapdragon s4 processor running at 1.5 gigahertz. Both of these phones are very fast at processing data and running apps. Although the Samsung Galaxy is going to have very many powerful features, we are yet to see how this will affect battery life. At the moment, the Nokia Lumia 920 has a battery life of 9.5 hours which is just great.

In conclusion, both of these phones are awesome so picking out one becomes a problem. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is yet to be widespread in the market so we are yet to see it in use in the wild. It would be best to make a decision based on tastes, preferences and what features you expect in the phone.

So who do you think will win in the battle of the Nokia Lumia 920 Vs the Samsung Galaxy S4?