What condition is my phone

Recell Cellular’s Cell Phone Grading Sytem

Sell Your New Cell Phone


Phone is new without box and/or accessories or slightly used shows no signs of use.
Sell your average condition cell phone


Phone shows only very light signs of use and is 100% functional (More than 70% of all phones fall in this category).
Sell your below average condition cell phone


Heavy signs of use and/or Minimal loss of function. for example one of the following not working – Speaker, Mic, Volume Control, Earbud Jack, etc .

Sell your broken cell phoneWe Do Not Buy Significantly Damaged Phones

Shipping Suggestions for your What Condition is My Phone

After making all your selections above, please remember when it comes time to ship your device to package it carefully. Please make sure to include so form of support as to prevent any chance of damage during the shipping process. A few suggestions would include, newspaper, bubble wrap, paper shredding, air cushions (sold at post office and department stores) and any other material that could add an additional layer of support for your item. Do not send your phone unprotected in a non padded envelope. Unfortunately we have seen this many times.

Getting Your Label

Please remember after the checkout process an prepaid shipping label is sent to the email your provided. This expedites the process, and gets your paid faster. If you are unable to find your own box, please contact us and we will be happy to mail you a prepaid label with box. With the label provided you are covered on any box up to 2 pounds in weight. This includes: padded envelopes, boxes, and any other mail safe packaging, again as long as it weights under 2 pounds.

My Device is Not Listed

Just because your device is not shown on our selection page, does not mean we do not purchase it. There are so many electronics, that it is hard to keep up and list them all. Please feel free to contact us and tell us what you have for sale and we will be happy to promptly get back to you with an offer or quote!