Get Cash for Phones | Recell Cellular

Recell Cellular offers services and features that other online buyers can’t.

What is it that separates Recell Cellular from the competition? You won’t see our TV commercials during the Super Bowl. We do not pay search engines so that our ads appear at the top of every page. Our philosophy is simple, spend less on us and give more to you. Our biggest claim is that we simply pay our customers more for their phones. Much like Progressive Insurance we are willing to share what our competition pays and let you make the choice. We routinely post our prices as well as the competitions – we want to save you work researching!


What Matters to me when I Sell My Phone?

I personally would shop prices first, I want to sell my phone for the most money. After price, I need to feel good about the company. Who can I trust, what is their reputation? Mailing my phone can be risky, I want to eliminate risk and ensure that I will get paid. I need to see a companies Better Business Bureau profile. The BBB is great, they quickly let me know how long a company has been in business, the amount of issues their customers are having as well as how the company reacts to customer issues. Having been in this industry since 2011 I can tell you that the reputation of Recell Cellular is something I take very serious. I am proud that our BBB Rating is A+!


How Do I Get My Money?

We offer 3 Options to quickly Get You Paid. By far the easiest and most Convenient is PayPal. Selecting this option generally gets you paid within 1 to 2 days of your phone being received. It’s easiest for us to process these payments. Your phone is received and tested, if no issues are found we instruct our testers to login to PayPal and get you paid!

The next fastest option is MoneyGram. We receive your phone and test it, we then send an authorized agent to get your money wired. Depending on the amount of your payout MoneyGram charges us in the $10 – $20 range to wire your money. We deduct a modest $10.00 fee from your payout to help cover the costs associated with the Transfer Fees, Travel, and Time used by our employee. I am not aware of any other online buyer who offers this option to get you paid fast. Choosing this option typically gets you paid within 2 Business Days of your phone being received.

Option 3 is an old fashioned USPS Money Order. A USPS Money Order is about as good as getting cash in hand. Any Post Office will cash this money order. Most banks will deposit a USPS Money Order with no holds, etc. This is another option that is unique to Recell Cellular, all other competitors would send a paper check which causes bank holds. These payments are typically released and mailed within 2 to 3 days.

Recell Cellular truly is Better!

Please check our competition before deciding to sell your phone. Compare our Prices, Reputation, and Payment Choices versus anyone online. If you find a better option please email me personally and let me know what we could have done differently.