First Look – Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Here is our exclusive Samsung Galaxy S5 Review. Samsung has set the Bar pretty high with previous releases of their flagship Galaxy Phones. The S5 may not live up to hype. Minor Cosmetic Changes and Mild Performance Improvements could lead to disappointed customers. We have also released a Sneak Peak of the potential Iphone 6 here: . If our iPhone 6 information is correct this could be a bad year for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Good

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be a Water Proof phone similar to the Galaxy S4 Active. The 16 Mega Pixel Rear Camera is fully HD and can even be used for under water photography. For the Health Conscious consumer the S5 paired with the New Galaxy Gear Watch will provide you the stats of a daily physical exam. Users can check their Heart Rate, Steps Taken, Daily Caloric Intake, Daily Calories Burned, etc. etc. All of this information used in conjunction with the Fitness Tracker app can give you the ability to track your health any time of day. Samsung is also implementing it’s own Finger Print Sensor for increased security and it will also allow users to swipe their finger to make some online purchases. Overall these mods will make the S5 the most advanced Smartphone on the Planet.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Review – The Not So Good

We can’t say that anything about the Galaxy S5 is bad, just a few things let us down. Samsung released the Galaxy S4 GT-i9500 to International Markets with an OctaCore Processor and we expected to see that technology in the U.S. S5. Samsung instead used a QuadCore 2.5 ghz Snapdragon Processor – an impressive Processor none the less. Perhaps our biggest letdown was the 5.1″ Display, again we were expecting more. The look and feel of the Galaxy S5 is very similar to the S4. Based purely on Samsungs track record we were expecting a little more.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review – Overall Impression

This release feels a lot like an Apple S Release than a Samsung Flagship Phone Launch. Too many minor changes and not enough big Bang. We like this phone and expect Samsung to have enough Phones on Hand at Release to break previous records. We also expect some disappointment from Galaxy diehards who were expecting more. We look forward to your thoughts on this Samsung Galaxy S5 Review, are you excited or disappointed?


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