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With Recell Cellular you are always guaranteed the most cash when you sell Galaxy S5 phones! Our buyers monitor the used cell phone selling market continuously in order to maintain our pricing always beats the competition. There are a multitude of factors that go into a phones value, demand, condition, prices set for newer models by the manufacturer, and current promotions being offered by carriers are just a few. When Samsung released the Galaxy S6 you could buy it out of contract on its release date for under $600.00, that’s $200.00 less than the S5. In essence Samsung just lowered the value of all S5’s on the market by nearly $200.00. Their pricing was great for the few people who ran out and bought the S6 day one, but what about the millions of people who already owned the S5? Samsung left those people out to dry.

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Consider what Yahoo News┬áhad to say about our pricing. We our aggressive in our payouts and we do this by spending less on advertising and not having a top heavy corporate structure in place. he money we save in those places goes straight in your pocket! It’s amazing how word of mouth advertising works. So much of our business is either referrals or returning customers. When customers are treated right they return and tell others.

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You want to sell Galaxy S5 phones for the most money possible and naturally you want that money as fast as possible. We have you covered by offering payment via PayPal and MoneyGram (we are the only company that offers this service). Payments can also be mailed, we offer USPS Money Orders as payment so there is no bank hold on your funds. We think we make your decision about where to sell easy by offering more money for your phones and the fastest payment options.