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Sell iPhone 6 – The iPhone 6 is Apple’s bigger, badder iPhone and a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S6. There weren’t huge changes to the 8 MP rear camera’s specs, but it’s usability was improved. Automatic settings like Auto HDR, Focus Pixel and Optical Image Stabilization add much needed ease to taking a really great photo.

It’s definitely the most beautiful phablet on the market, and functional too. Apple has really ramped up the battery life as well, with the iPhone 6 Plus’s battery easily lasting an entire day on a single charge. People looking for a phone packed to the brim with features and functions, might want to consider Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, but if you’re into the beauty and simplicity that iOS continues to bring to the market, the iPhone 6 Plus is the right way to go.

Do you already own the iPhone 6 Plus, but aren’t exactly happy with it, or looking for something new? Maybe yours is broken, cracked, or damaged in some other way? Recell Cellular will purchase your iPhone 6 Plus in whatever shape it’s in today. Use our quote generator to find out how much you can expect for your device. We’ll email you a label with tracking information so that you can send us your device at no cost, and know when it arrives. Within 3 days of getting your phone and verifying the shape and condition it’s in you get your money! We believe in making sure you get the most money, the fastest.


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