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Is Blackberry Making a Comeback?

If you have an old Blackberry lying around your home in a drawer, turn it into cash! Stop thinking that I want to Sell My Blackberry Online for Cash and just do it. Blackberry currently produces the Blackberry Passport, Blackberry Classic, Blackberry Leap, Blackberry Z30, and also the P’9982 and P’9983 smart devices with Porsche. Blackberry is known for their sleek, functional designs that are perfect for busy people.

The Blackberry Classic, pictured above, is a throwback to the original style of Blackberry is nostalgic, but the features are cranked up to meet modern specifications. It boasts 22 hours of battery life, and 8 MP camera, a redesigned tactile keyboard, a stainless steel outer frame and Corning Gorilla Glass screen.

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Is Blackberry Poised to Make a Comeback?

Over the last 3 years Blackberry has released several new models in an attempt to gain an increased share in the market. US sales have continued to struggle, but Blackberry remains strong in India and other countries. The Z10 was a bold (pun intended) move for Blackberry having gone away from their traditional QWERTY keyboard and moving to a touchscreen phone, sadly they forgot to add a Back Button. The lack of the back button made the phone incredibly awkward to use. Around the same time they released the Q10 a much more traditional Blackberry. The Q10 and later the Q30 did not have impressive sales. Blackberry has done OK with the Passport and the Classic. 2016 could be a good year for Blackberry potentially building on their current momentum. Now might be the best time for anyone thinking I want to Sell My Blackberry Online for Cash.


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