sell my broken phone sell broken phone

Sell My Broken Phone for Cash Online!

We all know how devastating it is when you drop your phone and pick it up to find that the screen is shattered. Instead of spending your hard earned cash on phone screen repair, you can earn some money instead by selling your broken phone! Even if your phone looks like the one pictured below or worse, Recell Cellular will pay you top dollar for that device.


sell my broken phone

When I dropped and shattered my iPhone 5S’s screen only a few months after purchasing it, I thought about paying the 100$ at a local repair place, or for the insurance claim deductible. I couldn’t fathom after spending a pretty penny on the phone in the first place, and then chucking out another 100$ just to be able to use it.

Instead, I sold my phone to Recell Cellular and used the money I made from that (much more than I was anticipating, and that the machine in front of Walmart had offered me!) to buy an iPhone 6, which had been released shortly after I upgraded to the 5C and was out of my price range purchasing outright before selling my phone.

It was easy: a google search lead me to Recell Cellular’s website, and I used the price generator to find out how much I could expect to be paid out. Within minutes I had an email with a pre-paid shipping label to print out so that I could mail them my phone at their charge, not mine. Three days later they deposited my payment in Paypal.

It was fast, simple, and easy.

If you’re wondering to yourself “who can I sell my broken phone to?” then I can answer that for you: Recell Cellular.

Don’t just throw your phone in a drawer to collect dust, or pay crazy amounts to fix a crack — sell it to Recell Cellular today!


Sell My Broken Phone

Sell My Broken iPhone