Sell My iPhone 5

Sell My iPhone

Sell My iPhone 5 Online And Get More Cash

Who will buy my iPhone 5?

There are two main categories of buyers for used iPhones online: consumers looking to save money and businesses.

Many consumers would like to enjoy the benefits of an iPhone without the extremely high price tag, so there is high demand for used iPhones online. Consumers are sometimes willing to pay a little more than businesses do for used iPhones. However, there are significant drawbacks to selling directly to consumers. The most important of these is trust. Unless you are selling face-to-face, it is difficult to be sure that the person you send your phone to will actually pay you. Some common scams include claiming not to have received the phone or claiming it is damaged and offering a lower purchase price than what was originally agreed.

Where businesses are concerned, trust is not a problem. You can look up online reviews and ratings with the Better Business Bureau to be sure that you can sell your iPhone 5 safely to the business in question.

A number of telecoms companies run buyback programs that purchase used iPhones from their customers. However, these are best avoided, as they tend to offer very low compensation for used phones.

Online businesses are your best bet to sell an iPhone 5 safely at a good price. Check out reviews for a business before you sell.

How do I send my iPhone 5?

That depends on your purchase arrangement. If you choose to sell directly to a consumer, you should be sure to protect your interests using certified delivery or a return receipt. If you sell to a business, things are much easier. Most businesses will send you a prepaid shipping label so that you can send your phone to them free of charge.

How do I receive payment?

Obviously this depends on the situation. However, the best form of payment for selling an iPhone 5 online is PayPal. This is a good choice because it provides protection against fraud or theft for both buyers and sellers.

How to prepare to sell my iPhone 5

All reputable businesses will test, clean and refurbish a used iPhone 5 for resale, so you don’t normally have to do that yourself. Nevertheless, you should wipe your iPhone before you ship it to ensure that your personal information remains secure. Remove your photographs from Camera Roll, turn iMessage off, turn FaceTime off, disable your iCloud account, log out of your Apple ID and erase all content and settings. Beyond your phone itself, you should unregister your device on and notify your carrier that you will no longer be using the device.

Why choose Recell Cellular?

Recell Cellular is the best choice to sell an iPhone 5 online. You get a quote in the first place so you know how much money you can expect. It also provides customers with shipping labels that allow them to send phones for free. Moreover, it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Lastly, it offers significantly higher payouts than many competing businesses. It’s time to stop thinking that I want to sell my iPhone 5, turn your phone into cash now.