How do I sell my iPhone 6 Plus?

Sell My iPhone

Sell My iPhone 6 Plus

So you no longer need your iPhone 6 Plus, and might be thinking “I want to sell my iPhone 6 Plus“. Maybe it was a gift and you never really wanted it. Perhaps it’s not functioning as it used to. Maybe you are giving up smartphones altogether and living a life from a time before technology. Whatever your reasons for selling your iPhone 6 Plus, we’re here to buy it from you. And we’re offering more than anyone else: up to $500. That’s a lot of money!

When you sell your iPhone 6 Plus to Recell Cellular, you get the money you deserve for your iPhone. Plus, the process is easy! First, request an instant quote for your iPhone 6 Plus through answering a few questions about your phone. A quote will then be generated based on your answers. After you accept the offer, you will receive a pre-paid USPS shipping label. Then mail your iPhone 6 Plus, and we will pay you.

Is Recell Cellular the best place to sell my iPhone 6 Plus?

Don’t take just our word for it. Yahoo, NBC, ABC and Fox have all featured us with rave reviews, because of our amazing service and high rates of pay for people like you. Some companies cheat with unfair rates, but not us. We put you first by providing the highest and fairest rates you will find for your iPhone 6 Plus, the way it should be.

What if my iPhone has issues?

You do not have to worry if your phone is not in the best condition. We will still pay you a fair fee for it. You can also sell larger quantities of phones, as we set no limit to the number of phones you can sell us. So if you, your brother, and your roommates all have iPhone 6 Pluses to sell and a need for money, we are your ticket!

We also provide you with fair options, including the ability to trade your phone in and use what you get as credit for a new phone with us. If you’ve converted from an iPhone 6 Plus user to a Galaxy fan, go right ahead and make that trade. provides you with an avenue to make quick money with minimal work. It is easy and effortless, rewarding and the money is plentiful. Visit us now to get started and make that money, because let’s face it, you’re never going to use that iPhone 6 Plus anyway. Ask the question: ‘how do I sell my iPhone 6 Plus‘ and Recell Cellular will answer!