Sell Your US Cellular Phone to us for the highest payout!


Sell Your US Cellular Phone

Sell My US Cellular Phone

Looking to make some quick cash with your current US Cellular device, or maybe an old one you have lying around? Then Sell Your US Cellular Phone to Recell Cellular for top dollar! And unlike letting US Cellular buy it back from you, we’ll give you actual money!

US Cellular’s trade in program won’t offer you the most money for your old device, and US Cellular only pays out via promotion card. These promotion cards are only good on US Cellular products. Apple will offer you a Apple gift card that you have to redeem immediately towards the purchase of a new iPhone. Same thing with a lot of other online sites you can sell your phone to: Amazon only pays via Amazon gift cards, Walmart via Walmart gift cards, Best But via Best Buy gift cards. Gazelle will offer more pay options, but will give you much less than other options. This article from Adam Dachis from is very informative when considering selling your old phones. After reading Adams article check our price when you Sell Your US Cellular Phone vs. any other online competitor.

We will pay you real money!

Recell Cellular will not only pay you cash via Paypal, Moneygram, or check, but we will offer you more money than any of our aforementioned competitors!

We give you more of the freedom you need to be able to upgrade to a new device and avoid that crazy penalties and charges you’ll see from your service provider that keep you locked into your current device for years or more.

Recall Cellular makes the process as easy as possible: just use our quote generator to find out how much cash you can expect for your phone, we email you a prepaid shipping label so you can send us your iPhone for free, and within days of receiving it and verifying that the phone’s ESN is clean, we’ll send you your money via whichever method you choose. If you’re local to our Wilmington, NC location, call us Monday through Friday between 10am and 6pm turn your phone into cash today!


Sell My US Cellular Phone