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Sell Your HTC One Sell Your HTC One

There’s a new android phone in town which was successfully launched by HTC Company. This is called the HTC One X. This android phone is amongst the most powerful mobile because of the device called 1.5GHz quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor installed in it. It also entails a polycarbonate body having a glossy feel on every side. The polycarbonate material is used to ensure that it does not with the network signals.

The display of HTC One X is amongst the best. You will find a near perfect 180 degree viewing angle and cool temperature and the color reproductions absolutely fantastic. The screen size measuring 4.7 inches looks huge. The resolution of the screen is 1280 x 720 pixels and a pixel density of 316ppi. The resolution of the screen is 1280 x 720 pixels. The screen is well protected by Gorilla Glass that makes the screen more durable and the scratches can easily be resisted.

Since the HTC One is a powerful phone, you might perceive that the battery life is not as good as it turn out to be since the Li-Po 1800 mAh battery given in this phone is brilliant. The colors in this phone seem more natural and far better than other AMOLED display phones.I t has got an 8MP backside illuminated sensor that comprises of wide aperture f/2.0 autofocus lens. Even though there is a single LED flash in the phone, it is capable of adjusting to five different intensity levels and thus can suit any situation.

The phone has software “ImageSense” built on it that helps you a lot in enhancing the clicked images. It has got plenty of photo editing tools in it including HDR, slow motion and burst video, panorama views, real-time filters etc. You can click photos and record videos on this phone at the same time. You will also find roughly 40 apps in this phone including apps on weather, business, task manager etc. If you want then you can install more from HTC Hub.

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