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Sell Your Nokia Cell Phone Sell Your Nokia Cell Phone

Nokia phones are known for style, reliability and user friendly features, all at affordable prices. They hold a respectable place in the market that it has earned in past years and are striving well to maintain it. Nokia has mastered the art of producing various types of phones from basic to smart phones for all sections of people.

Nokia’s company history began in the distant 1865 on the southwest of Finland in a wood pulp by Frederick Idestem that grew into an established paper industry. Another two companies came into being, doing rubber works & wire & cable manufacturing. His company was renamed Nokia Ab which took on the business of generating electricity. Thus was the beginning of the cell phones producing company; Nokia. It is considered that the word Nokia occurred from the ancient Finnish word “nois” which designates the black sable that lived in abundance precisely in the places nearby the town of Nokia, Finland.

These cells come in slides, flips, smart phone and standard models. The brand boasts of varied features like Bluetooth, color screen, 3G, GPRS, GPS, IRDA, Infrared, Java enabled, MMS enabled, MP3 player, Polyphonic ring tones, Radio, Snap on cover, USB, Streaming video, Vibration, etc along with cameras with VGA camera, 1-1.9 mega pixels, 2-3.5 mega pixels, 3.5mega pixels and more. The Nokia cell phoneshas something in terms of design and its user-friendly features are unremarkable.

Nokia phones allow you to connect to Internet any time. It offers you Bluetooth as well USB. These phones have become the first choice of general class, medium class and business class users as well. Nokia phones offer you an amazing battery back up while talking or music play. It is equipped with latest features including optical track pad, time-mapping and many more.

Today, Nokia comes up with innovative phones called Lumia. In the currently dominating market of the smartphones, a great question arises whether the phone with windows would be able to survive. However, Nokia proved it with its immense features because there are large numbers of people that are increasingly purchasing these phones. There is of course a long list when it comes to the features, and this list is indeed too huge to mention. However, there are of course some primary features that definitely make it different from the rest of the other phones.