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Sell Your Sony Ericsson Xperia Sell Your Sony Ericsson Xperia

Sony Ericsson has been known for its compact and light designs for cell phones in the past. For a while they have moved away from it, but now the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini at around 3.1 oz is the exception. This is an award-winning phone for its outstanding design elements as well as for its compact style and performance.

This company has always had the ability to package the smallest phones with all the best applications and this mobile has been given the status of Smartphone with Android on board. It is powerful and compact. It is possible therefore, to download any number of Android applications that are available.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro is ideally placed to capitalize on the popularity of text messaging. As mentioned, the handset boasts a keyboard which slides out to reveal itself from beneath the screen and conveniently slides back when not in use. The majority of mobile phone users will be familiar with the layout of the keyboard, as it is the same as laptop and desktop computers. The keyboard is great for people who send a lot of text messages but also lends itself to typing emails, searching the internet and editing documents in formats such as MS Word.

The phone is also unique in that it has a scratch resistant surface, which will make the use of it much more comfortable as you would not have to worry so much about getting it scratched. You would therefore not need to accessorize that much. You will need a headset and you can hook your mobile up to some portable speakers.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini may not come with a dual-core processor, but it still comes with a processor that is up to par with today’s standards. It comes with a 1GHz Scorpion processor Qualcomm QSD8255 Snapdragon with an integrated Adreno 205 GPU. This means more performance and better graphics. Furthermore, it comes with 512 MB of RAM that adds to the phone’s performance.

One of the most favourable characteristics of a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini is that it can do more than one application at a time. There is no need to turn the music off if you need to take a call. One is able to browse the internet with Wi-Fi connect as well as use any of the other applications simultaneously. This is a multitask phone at its best.