Sell My Bad ESN Cell Phone

What does it mean if my cell phone has a bad ESN? A bad ESN means you cannot activate an iPhone on your current carrier. If you are unsure of whether or not your cell phone has a bad ESN you can verify it online. There are a few different places where a cell phone’s ESN number can be located depending on the type of phone, you should check the back of the phone, below and behind the phone’s battery, and your cell phone’s settings. If an online service cannot find any faults you can try calling your carrier directly. Most CMDA will not activate a cell phone from another carrier but there are few things you can with a bad ESN cell phone to make money but the best option is selling your cell phone to us here at Recell Cellular.

What is the ESN number on a cell phone?

An ESN number is an electronic serial number. Electronic serial numbers are used as a way to identify mobile phones. Electronic serial numbers were created by the United States Federal Communications Commission in the 1980s.


What does it mean if my phone has a clean ESN?

If your cell phone has clean ESN that means that your phone’s bill has been paid in full. It also means that the device has not been reported lost or stolen. A clean ESN allows your phone to be sold to a new owner and means it does not have any kinds of activation locks.


Why would my cell phone’s ESN be bad?

Your cell phone’s ESN would be bad because of an issue with the phone’s cellular carrier. The issue could be that the phone was lost, stolen, the owner was terminated for not paying and has a remaining balance, or the original carrier marked the ESN as bad. If you are looking for a place to sell your bad ESN phone you have come to the right place.


Can I sell my bad ESN cell phone?

Yes, you have a number of different options if you are looking to sell your bad ESN cell phone. You could sell your blacklisted/bad ESN phone to an online buyback store or you could sell the phone to a local repair store since they might purchase it for parts. Of your different options the best by far would Recell Cellular.


Why should I sell my bad ESN cell phone to Recell Cellular?

At Recell Cellular we understand that the relationship between you and your phone’s carrier is like any other relationship in that there can be issues. We encourage you to contact your provider but in many cases they will not even take the phone back. You should sell your bad ESN cell phone to us here at Recell Cellular for a couple different reasons. The first being that not many places will be willing to purchase your blacklisted/bad ESN cell phone. The second reason would be higher payouts. We here at Recell Cellular are willing to offer you more money than most other places would for your blacklisted/bad ESN phone. You can check with our competitors and see that we will almost always offer more money for your bad ESN cell phone.