Sell My Phone - How To Sell Your Used Cell Phone Online

Posted on: 15 September 2022, 14:27 PM


So you are ready to sell your phone? Great! Welcome to our guide on how to sell your cell phone online. We've compiled some of the most common questions people have about the process, and we'll help you get the most cash possible for your old phone or iPad.


How To Find A Reputable Online Phone Buyer

There are many places to sell your phone online and a little research will help you find a reputable and trustworthy buyer. You will probably start the process with a Google search of sell my phone online or something similar. Once you start clicking on sites take a moment and analyze the structure of the websites, functionality and click a few links just to make sure you find good content on the following pages:Why Us, FAQ and How it Works. A reputable website will have informative contact on these pages. You'll also want to check the reviews from previous customers and maybe even try to call them and ask a few questions before the sale.


How Does The Process Work

Most online phone buyers have a similar process to get you a quote for your phone.

  1. Choose your model
  2. Answer a few questions about the phone
  3. Get your instant quote
  4. Ship your phone
  5. Get Paid

Here is what separates Recell Cellular from other places that you can use to sell your phone online. We give you the options you need on one page, pick Clean ESN, Financed ESN or Bad ESN - we'll give you an accurate quote right up front. We have the best shipping option USPS Priority Mail, we will get your phone faster than other buyers. No printer, no problem! Choose to download and print your label or get a QR Code and USPS will scan and print your label for free! When choosing where to sell your phone it is little thing like these that a reputable buyer offers because of their years of experience.


How To Prepare Your Phone For Sale

The following steps apply to selling your iPhone or Android online:

  1. Clean your phone! You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the Screen, Back and Frame of your phone. Then hold your phone under light at different angles to look for scratches, cracks, dents or other wear on the phone.
  2. Remove passcodes and accounts from your phone.
  3. Factory Reset your phone

All buyers have a unique scale they use to grade the condition of your phone. Cleaning your phone and using good lighting is essential in grading your phone, we never like sending seller's images of undisclosed damage or wear on their phone. Passcodes and Rests can be performed after your phone is mailed but scratches and damage can't be removed. Grading your phone correctly is essential in getting an accurate quote.


Ship Your Phone Fast To Get Your Quoted Price

Another perk that sets Recell Cellular apart from the competition is that we guarantee your quote for 15 days and will actually pay you $5.00 extra for shipping within 2 days. Our goal is to get your phone fast and get your paid fast. We are so committed to that that we pay $5.00 more than our quoted price if you ship within 2 business days. All sites have some timeframe they use for locking in their quoted price, so you'll need to check and see based on where you sell your phone. You will likely not find a ship fast offer like what Recell Cellular offers - again it's the little things that separate us from the pack.


How Long Does It Take To Get Paid

The best part of selling your phone online is getting paid! All buyers offer different options and timeframes to get you paid. By offering the fastest shipping option we will get your phone in our hands faster than most buyers. Receiving the phone fast in turn speeds up your inspection, we inspect one business day after delivery and then issue payment. We do not charge you for 1 business day inspections - it's free! You can expect 4-7 days total from when you mail your phone to when payment is issued. Delivery times are estimates based on typical USPS performance, they can be faster or longer depending on initial delivery time of your phone.


Safely Sell Your Phone Online

We hope that you find this information useful when selling your phone online. It can't be stressed enough, due a little investigating of online buyers! As long as you find a reputable and trustworthy cell phone buyer you will get paid in the end. The process used will differ among buyers and we've highlighted here a few things that give us a unique advantage over others. Years of experience has helped us fine tune the steps to sell your phone online. We are sure that when you search Sell My Phone and do your research you'll end up choosing Recell Cellular!