Sell My Phone Online Without A Printer

Posted on: 09 November 2022, 13:35 PM

A fairly common problem some of our customers have faced is how can I sell my phone online without a printer. Honestly, this was an issue for too long but we finally solved it without causing any delays to the selling process. In fact, our solution might actually get you paid even faster! Our new system uses cutting-edge technology to send you a digital version of your shipping label that you can access from your phone. That means you don't need a printer to sell your phone to us!


USPS Will Print Our Labels Free

When you check out our site, you have two options to get your shipping label. You can choose from a downloadable label that you can print when you're ready, or you can choose to get a QR Code in place of a label. Download the QR Code to your phone and USPS will print our labels free! Using either option, you'll be able to immediately download the label to your phone, computer, or tablet. You'll also receive it in your email, and it will be saved in your Order History on-site. How can I sell my phone online without a printer? By using the QR Code option at checkout! So no matter how you choose to get your label, it will be easy and convenient!


Benefits Of Using QR Code Labels

There are many benefits of using QR Code Labels. The most obvious is that you do not need to own a printer and will not need to ask how can I sell my phone online without a printer. We mentioned that this option can get you paid faster so let's explain that. I'll give you two scenarios where this might save a day or two. Imagine you're at a big box cell phone store buying your new phone and want to get fast cash for your phone. Just jump on our site and complete the steps to sell your phone while your agent is setting up your new phone. At the checkout, you choose to receive a QR Code and stop by the post office on the way home to mail your phone. Grab a box at USPS, drop your phone in it, and go to the counter to get your QR Code scanned. In the second scenario, you are at work or school and complete checkout on our site. Follow the exact same steps as above. Either way, using a QR Code Label can save you time!


How Do I Track My Package After I Sell My Phone

How Do I Track My Package After I Sell My Phone? People always ask me, "What if I lose my phone or sell it, how can I track my package?" It's actually pretty simple. When USPS prints your label, ask the agent for a receipt and the receipt will have your tracking number. You can also ask the agent to take a picture of your label for your records. If all else fails, just contact us and request your tracking number. Our system displays your tracking number for us. So easy! And if you have any other questions regarding your QR Code, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to help.


Do Other Online Phone Buyers Use QR Codes

To our knowledge, we are the only online phone buyer currently using QR codes in place of labels. We take pride in being cutting-edge while also solving issues. In the past, we mailed labels to customers who requested them, but this delays your getting paid by close to a week. It is our constant mission to find ways to make selling your phone online simpler and faster. By using QR codes, we are able to do just that. Thank you for choosing us as your go-to phone buyer!