Sell Your Cell. Get Your Cash Quick.

Posted on: 23 March 2021, 12:40 PM

Recell Cellular gives you the peace of mind you need and the money you deserve.

Technology keeps on pushing forward, and cell phone tech moves at the speed of light. It can be expensive to keep up with the newest upgrades in cell phone innovation. That’s where we come in. Recell Cellular helps you to get the cell technology you want and need in your hand without breaking the bank.

A Cell Phone Buyer You Can Trust

What’s the biggest problem with selling your cell phone online? Trusting that you’re not going to get taken for a ride.

Integrity can be in short supply in the digital age, when anyone can pretend to be anything by throwing up a web address. Recell Cellular is the premier website for you to sell your cell phone, and that’s a reputation that we’ve built through years in this business and thousands of satisfied customers.

  • A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau
  • Accredited by the BBB
  • Highly rated on Google Reviews
  • Featured in Yahoo! Finance, the International Business Times, and many more.

We’ve been in business for over a decade, making us one of the oldest online buyers of cell phones anywhere online. We’ve been here. We love this business. We’re not going anywhere.

How often have you thought “I want to sell my phone, but I’ve got no time to go out and make that happen.” Working with Recell Cellular, you don’t have to make time to sell your cellphone – we make it convenient and easy.


Competitive Pricing

Because we buy and sell the most popular phone brands out there, we can offer you an affordable option to upgrade your current phone. Competitive pricing from Recell Cellular gives you the most money for your phone.

We help people recoup their cell phone investment at competitive prices that are on par with any cell phone buyback service you’ll find online. You won’t ever have to doubt that you’re getting a fair shake with us. Whether you want to sell your Samsung Galaxy, sell your iPhone, sell your Google Pixel, or any other cell phone on any carrier, Recell Cellular can match your needs at a price that works for you. We even purchase locked phones that are used to recycle and repurpose.

We’re proud to pay more for your phone. We encourage our customers to check our cellphone payouts against those of other online cell phone buyers, and you’ll almost always find that we’ll pay the most for your cell phone.

  • Highest online cell phone payouts
  • Promotions for returning customers

Happy customers are the backbone of Recell Cellular.


Fast Turnaround

Not only does Recell Cellular give you the best price for your old cell phone, we also give a fast turnaround that puts your money in your pocket quickly. Our turnaround times are the fastest in the business, allowing you to get your cell phone quoted, shipped, sold, and the money in your pocket in a matter of days.

We offer a one-day turnaround on payments. That’s right – once we receive your cell phone, your payment is usually processed within 24 hours to the service of your choice. Recell Cellular is the only online buyer that offers cellphone payouts via Western Union. That’s in addition to the ability to get paid through WesternUnion, via Check, or ultrafast through options like PayPal (Recell Cellular is a PayPal Verified company).


Our customer reviews speak for themselves.

“They were quick to process how much my phones were worth. They gave me a fair and honest price and a
better price then anyone else I have been quoted by on the internet. They have trustworthy reviews which
brought me to their company. They let me know when they received my phones and they are quick on their
methods of payments for the phones. I highly recommend anyone needing to get rid of old phones to use Recell Cellular.” – Brianna S.

“Very fast shipment of box.....Accurate and honest about the quote they give you.....I will def use them again in future and recommend them to others” – Jackie B.

“Very quick in processing! Would definitely recommend and use again! Mailed my phones on a Thursday andreceived payment on Tuesday!!!” - Jennifer B.

Once you ship your phone, you want to get paid fast. We understand that and we’re here to get the cash in your hand so you can get on with your life.