Selling Your Samsung Galaxy S21

Posted on: 10 June 2021, 17:33 PM

4 Top Resources for Selling Your Samsung Galaxy S21

The newest edition of the popular Galaxy series of smartphones was officially released on January 14, 2021, in the United States. Six months later, some users are ready to look at selling a Samsung Galaxy S21. This might be because they want to upgrade from the 21 to the 21+ or the S21, or it might be because they want to jump to another brand of smartphone altogether. 

Whatever the reason, selling a Samsung Galaxy S21 means trying to recoup a serious investment. To make the most of selling your phone, you’ll need lots of information. Here are five top resources to get you started.


Direct phone selling resources

You’ll find a major trading community for used cell phones on Craigslist, eBay, Mercari, and other user-to-user sales websites. With these services, you can sell directly to another person without any kind of middleman. Prices vary widely depending on a lot of factors, and it can be a huge challenge to connect with the right buyer. The key to these websites is to do a lot of research, not come down on your price, and most of all be patient. If you’re selling a Samsung Galaxy S21, you’ve got a high-end product that’s worth getting a good price for from a buyer. 


Trading in your Samsung Galaxy S21

If you don’t want to sell your Galaxy S21, you can also look into trading it in for credit. This works especially well with your phone carrier, and it’s easiest if you go to the same place that you bought the phone. Trade-in credit does tend to be less than selling to a third-party vendor, but you can replace the phone in the process. 


Third-party resources

A mix between person-to-person sales and trading in is the third-party vendor. Lots of companies buy phones to refurbish and resell. If you’re selling a Samsung Galaxy S21, you’ll be able to find a reputable resell company that will buy your device. This middle option generally gives you a higher price than trading in your phone with more security than individual cell phone sales. 


Pricing resources

The lower your price, the faster you’re going to sell your used smartphone. The trade-off is of course that you’ll also be losing money. If you ask for a higher price, you’ll have to wait around for the right buyer. That might take a while. Be prepared to deal with spam and hassle if you’re selling person to person. Companies that you check out about selling a Samsung Galaxy S21 will have set, non-negotiable prices. There’s no guessing, so you’ll be able to choose whether you’re willing to take what they’re offering. 

Whether you’re ready to part with your new Samsung Galaxy S21 to save money or to upgrade to a slightly higher version of this high-end smartphone, always be sure to research what your options are. With these resources for selling your S21, you don’t have to be a cell phone expert in order to get the price you deserve.