Things to do before selling android phone

Posted on: 05 May 2020, 16:44 PM

Are you thinking “Should I Sell My Phone Online”? If you want to Sell your phone follow some simple, straightforward steps. Luckily, for the most part it is — if you know the proper steps. We've come up with a simple list of to-do before mailing.

These are some tips that you need to follow as it is important to get them done before the reset and deactivating your phone from your account.

Five Things to do before selling android phone online

Backup Your Data

Backup all of your important data like pictures, videos, documents, downloads, call logs and texts. When you’re looking to back up all of your photos and videos, you should consider using Google Photos. Google Photos automatically backs up everything to your Google account. You may have to pay for a premium version to keep original resolution. Large files like videos might be easier transferred via USB cable.

* The only exception to this rule is the Google Pixel, which gets unlimited backups at original resolution for free.


Encrypt Your Data


To make sure those left behind file fragments are inaccessible to anyone, you should encrypt your data. The encryption process is actually fairly lengthy—and there are additional things to consider before enabling encryption. This step is not necessary as long as you Factory Reset Your Device in the last step.


Remove Accounts from Your Device


Prior to resetting your Android device you will need to go to the Accounts Tab in Settings and delete all accounts associated with your device. Delete especially Gmail Accounts and Manufacturer Accounts such as a Samsung Account. Failing to delete these Accounts can cause your device to Lock after the reset. If you do not delete your account and the device is locked we will contact you during the inspection process and provide instructions to sign out remotely. This can slow down the payment process, and in worst case scenarios where the account cannot be removed, cause a major reduction in the original offer.


De-Activate the Phone from Your Wireless Account


Be sure to contact you Carrier and remove the Android phone from your Account. This will ensure your device can be used again without issue or delay. If your device is still financed please select Financed ESN during checkout to be sure your original quote is as accurate as possible. Devices still active on an Account are considered Bad ESN and will have a reduced value compared to a Clean ESN device.


Reset Your Phone


Ultimately, reset the device to set it back to its factory state. This will delete everything on the device including the SD card contents and put it back in a fresh-out-of-the-box state. Generally, this option is in the Settings section and under About Phone. In the event you cannot find the Factory Reset Option you can almost always find a quick how to video on YouTube, or directions online from your Carrier. We perform additional steps to wipe your device during the inspection process, but please to protect your privacy it is strongly recommended to follow each step above and factory reset prior to mailing.

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