We Buy iPhones

Posted on: 10 October 2022, 11:59 AM

We Buy All iPhones

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to sell your iPhone, Recell Cellular is the perfect solution because we buy iPhones - lots of them. We are an online phone buyer that specializes in purchasing iPhones, and we have an excellent reputation among our peers. We're also proud to boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. When you sell your iPhone to us, you can rest assured that you'll receive top dollar for your device. We offer competitive prices for all of the latest models of iPhones, and we always pay promptly once we receive your device.

Sell A Clean ESN iPhone

ESN or IMEI is a unique number assigned to every phone. It is similar to a serial number and is used by your Carrier to activate a phone on their network. A Clean ESN phone is a device that is fully paid off, deactivated from your account and ready for activation on a new account. Things that would prevent your phone from being Clean ESN: you still owe money on a financial agreement, your phone is tied to your account, you have filed an insurance claim on the device. When you sell a Clean ESN iPhone you can expect to get the most cash possible for your iPhone.


Can I Sell A Blacklisted iPhone

As the leading buyer of locked iPhones we are often asked "Can I Sell A Blacklisted iPhone". As long as you are the legal owner of the iPhone then yes it can be sold. Although it is uncommon there are people who lose or misplace their phone and end up filing an insurance claim to replace it. If this happens to you and you end up locating the missing device you need to contact the Insurance Company or Carrier/Manufacturer that replaced the phone and let them know the original device was located. Follow their instructions on what to do with the phone. In most cases they do not want the phone back and at that point you can sell your blacklisted iPhone.


Can I Sell An iPhone That Is Not Paid Off

A question that is even more common "Can I Sell An iPhone That Is Not Paid Off". This answer is easy - yes you can sell a financed iPhone. The device is yours, you're expected to fulfill the repayment obligation whether you sell the phone or keep it. Several years ago Carriers moved to phone financing rather than charging $200.00 or more upfront and you own the phone buy are tied to a contract. Offering financing is an attractive way to get customers in the door and to leave with a new phone for a small investment. Instead of paying $200.00 you will likely pay $40.00 or less, although you do not have a two year contract you'll agree to keep service for two years in order to make a monthly payment on the phone. There are more cons than pros to this selling scheme. You have a smaller upfront cost and that is basically the only pro. The cons: instead of paying $200.00 total for a phone you will now pay the retail price and have a higher monthly bill, if you upgrade in a year then you will be paying off two phones and your bill will go up accordingly. There are a lot of people "upside down" in their monthly phone bill and these are people we hear from, they need to sell their financed iPhone just to move to a new carrier and start over.


Where Can I Sell My iCloud Locked iPhone

When we said that we buy iPhones we literally meant that we buy all iPhones. We will buy your iCloud Locked iPhone as long as you're the legal owner. People forget passwords all the time, I have a friend that literally outsmarts himself by using different passwords anywhere one is required. He calls me all the time because he is locked out of his iCloud or his email account. Every month I give him the same advice, turn on saved passwords in his iPhone settings, create a recovery email address with a password like "Password1" and pick a few password combinations to reduce total passwords in use. He doesn't listen and then asks what can he do with the phone and each time I tell him "you can sell your iCloud locked iPhone, the value is less because it cannot be used and you need to decide if you want the money or throw it in a drawer". He ends up selling the iCloud locked iPhone and then vowing to change his ways...


We Also Buy Broken iPhones

As great as the iPhone is, it is made to break easily. iPhones have a Glass Screen, Glass Back and an aluminum frame. Glass cracks and aluminum bends easily, so it is very common to end up damaging your iPhone. Not to mentions that these are handheld devices that we take everywhere. My phone starts its day in the bathroom while I shower. The phone is exposed to water and steam daily - not a good combo for electronics. After that it goes in a cup holder in the car at most an inch from my morning energy drink. It spends the day in a pocket, on the desk, on the table at lunch, etc. We expose our phones to potential doom all the time. If you do break your phone and find the repair too expensive or to time consuming no need to worry because we buy broken iPhones. On each product page we describe the various conditions of phones and also illustrate the damage with images, but if you still have a question feel free to contact us and we will help you grade your phone.


We Buy All iPhones No Matter The Condition

We've covered the bases in terms of ESN Meanings, Activation/iCloud Lock and Broken iPhones. There are only a few other buyers that buy everything that we do. When choosing where to sell your iPhone online take into consideration a few things. 1. Length of time in business. 2. Buyers reputation. 3. How much will you get paid. 4. How fast will you get paid. When you consider all of those things you will find we are the safest place to sell your iPhone and get the most money the fastest. We buy iPhones, we are very good at it and we have a great reputation!