Can I Sell My Financed Phone?

At Recell Cellular we understand that relationships between customers and their phone carriers can be tricky. That is why we are proud to say that we purchase financed phones. Although we do purchase financed phones we encourage you to reach out to your carrier and try mending that relationship before attempting to sell the cell phone.


Should I finance a phone?

There are pros and cons to everything in life and that includes financing a phone. A pro of financing your new cell phone would be that you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on the phone at one time, you will be able to split the money you owe for the phone into monthly payments. A con of financing your new cell phone the phone will be locked. This means that you will be stuck with one specific network and you will not be able to switch the cell phone’s carrier. Financing a phone will save you money in a way since you will only be paying about thirty dollars per month and buying a phone will be more expensive upfront. It really is a difficult decision but an important one as well so when considering financing a phone you should really take your time weighing your other options. If you are looking to finance a phone there are quite a few places you can go to do it, pretty much all carriers offer it including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Consumer Cellular, and Boost Mobile but you could also try financing from a store like Best Buy or Walmart.


What does it mean if my phone is financed?

These days phones come out so often that people are not always able to afford their phone right when it comes out and that is why so many people decide to finance their phones instead which is committing to paying a certain amount monthly for your cell phone instead of paying for your cell phone altogether at one time. If at some point you decide to stop paying your monthly payments your carrier can lock or blacklist your cell phone and render it unusable.


Where can I sell my financed phone?

If you are looking to sell your financed phone you have a few options but before selling a financed phone you should pay off the rest of what you owe on it. If you stopped paying and the phone is blacklisted Recell Cellular will also buy it that way if you indicate that the phone is locked when giving us the information needed for a quote. Recell Cellular is the best place for you when looking for a place to sell your phone because not every buyer is interested in purchasing a financed cell phone. We also will offer you higher and faster payouts than the other buyers you are looking at. We provide you with a prepaid shipping label and we also offer you multiple ways to receive your payout like PayPal and Western Union.