Does Gazelle Buy Locked Phones

Selling a Financed or Bad ESN phone online can be difficult. As a seller you must read the fine print hidden in a sites FAQ's or Terms and Conditions page to determine what happens to your phone if it is rejected. Some sites will actually keep your phone or require you to pay for return shipping.

Locked Phones Have Value

Remember that your phone no matter the ESN/IMEI status has value. Recell Cellular offers the highest payouts available for Financed Phones as well as Bad ESN Phones. Any site that offers you Parts Value for cell phones with ESN issues are ripping you off. If your phone is in Average or better condition you should bever accept a Parts Value quote. The newer your model the more value you should expect. For instance we offer around 80% of full retail value for newer iPhones with a Financial Agreement or Bad ESN. That is significantlly more than any other site will pay.


Can I Check My ESN Online

Yes for the most part you can get accurate info on your phone with an online check. AT&T offers excellent info about the ESN status of your phone here. T-Mobile is another carrier that provides good details on their own devices IMEI staus as you can see here. Third party ESN checks from places like or also provide good info.


How Can I Sell My Financed Phone

Recell Cellular buys more locked phones than any other buyer. We specialize in Locked Phones no matter if it is an ESN Lock or Block, Activation Lock for iPhone or Androids, or Financial Agreement. As mentioned above you will get a higher offer for your phones when selling to Recell Cellular. Our process to sell your phone online is simple. 

1. Pick Your Phone

2. Answer A Few Questions About Your Device

3. Get A Quote


Choosing Where To Sell Your Phone

The first thing most people consider is "How Much will I get paid" and that is very important but please do a little research into the site before rushing to ship your phone. Things to research in choosing a reputable online cell phone buyer include the length of time in business, how easy are they to contact by phone or online chat, real customer reviews, and professional accreditations such as with the BBB are some of the more important things to verify. 

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