Common Questions and Answers For Selling Your Phone Online

General Info To Sell Your Phone Online:


Tell me about Recell Cellular.

Recell Cellular has been in business since 2012 and has built a reputation for excellence in customer service. The company is based in North Carolina and serves customers nationwide. Recell Cellular is highly rated by customers and has been featured in several magazines and newspapers.


Is it safe to sell my phone online?

Yes, it is safe to sell your phone online through a company such as Recell Cellular. We are a fast and efficient company, and we provide our customers with tracking information so they can follow their package every step of the way. If there are any problems with your order, our team is easy to contact and will help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


What can I sell to Recell Cellular?

You can sell your Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or OnePlus phones to Recell Cellular. We are a leading cell phone and tablet recycling company. We offer the best prices for your used cellular devices and we recycle/reuse them responsibly.


How long does it take to get paid?

Once you ship your phone we typically receive it within 3 to 5 business days (USPS delivery times vary and are out of our control). We inspect phones, contact you by email with check in details and issue payment 1 Business Day after delivery.


How long is my quote good for?

Your quote is guaranteed for 15 days. If the device is received after 15 days it will be re-quoted at the current price on our site.


How can I contact Recell Cellular?

One of the best things about selling your to Recell Cellular is that we make it easy to contact us. You can either chat with us on the website or give us a call at 888-409-2230. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. No matter how you decide to contact Recell Cellular, you can be sure that someone will be there to help you with whatever you need.


Shipping Your Phone:


Does Recell Cellular Offer Free Shipping?

Yes! We offer free USPS Priority Mail shipping labels to our customers in the United States. This is the fastest shipping option offered among all online cell phone buyers. Priority Mail also offers our customers free tracking and text alerts from USPS if you choose to sign up.


We offer multiple ways to receive your free label.

  1. You can download a label to print on your own.
  2. We also offer a downloadable QR Code for USPS to print your label for free.

With either option, you'll be able to track your package and know when it's been delivered.


How should I package my phone to ship?

You’ll need to use your own box or padded envelope to securely package your phone, using your own material expedites the sale process and gets you paid faster. Either attach the label that you download and print to the package, or take the package to USPS to get your QR Code scanned - USPS will print and attach your label for you. We’ve been doing this a long time and this is the fastest way to get you paid!


Does Recell Cellular offer an incentive for fast shipping?

Yes, orders shipped within 2 days are eligible for an extra $5.00.


My package will weigh more than what is shown on the label?

No worries, USPS will bill our account once your label is scanned and weighed.


Where can I fInd my label?

At the completion of you checkout you will be able to download your label, it is also emailed instantly and you can print your label or download your QR Code from the email at any time within 15 days.

Additionally, you can sign into your account on site at any time and follow these steps:

  1. Once signed into your Account click on Profile
  2. Select "Your Order"
  3. Select "Order History"
  4. From here you can download and print your label or download your QR Code for USPS to print.

For Additional Info On Shipping Your Phone please check the Shipping Instructions !


How Do I Get Paid When I Sell My Phone to Recell Cellular?


We offer convenient payment options.

We offer three convenient payment options for our customers: PayPal, Mailed Check, and by transfer services such as Walmart 2 Walmart, MoneyGram or WesternUnion. Please be aware there is a $45.00 charge for money transfers that is deducted from your quote at checkout. Money transfers are also capped at $1000.00.


When will Recell Cellular ask for my PayPal info?

We do not ask for your PayPal email address during checkout. Once we receive and inspect your phone we will email you the check in details and in that email we will ask you to provide the PayPal email that you would like your payment sent to.


IMEI/ESN Explained:


What is an IMEI or ESN?

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit code that uniquely identifies your mobile phone. This number is used by your service provider to identify your handset on their network. If your phone is lost or stolen, the IMEI can be used to block the device from accessing the network.

ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is a unique 11 or 12-digit code assigned to wireless phones. This number is used to activate handsets on carrier networks and can be used to identify a device if it's lost or stolen.

These terms are interchangeable for the most part and in general mean the same thing.


What does Clean ESN mean?

A Clean ESN means that the phone has not been reported as lost or stolen, and is therefore not blacklisted. A clean ESN also means that there are no financial obligations associated with the device - so you can activate it on a new account without any issues.


What does Financed ESN mean?

A phone that is Financed ESN is a phone that you are still making payments on. If you sell the phone the new owner may or may not be able to activate the device on their account. Generally, if you stop making payments on the device the ESN will go bad and then will be unusable. Financed Phones are typically locked to the Carrier that they were sold by and not able to use on other networks.


What does Bad ESN mean?

A Bad ESN could mean that the cell phone has been reported lost or stolen, or that the financial obligation for the phone has not been satisfied. It could also mean that the phone has been blocked for some other reason. Phones with a Bad ESN will not work in the US.


Can I sell phones with a Financed or Bad ESN to Recell Cellular?

You can sell phones with a Financed or Bad ESN to Recell Cellular. We buy all ESN status, so you can sell Bad ESN phones, you can sell or trade financed phones. We are the experts in buying and repurposing Bad ESN phones and this allows us to pay the most for these devices.


Grading My Phone To Sell Online:


How do I properly grade my phone to sell?

When grading your phone to sell, it's important to follow these steps. First, you'll want to remove any case or screen protector that might be obscuring the condition of the phone itself. Once that's done, give it a good cleaning - nobody wants to buy a used phone that's covered in grime! Finally, hold the phone under a bright light and really inspect it for any scratches, cracks, or other damage.


Most common places to find wear on your phone.

A few common places to find wear on your phone:

  1. Look around your Charge Port. Clean this part of your frame and look for scratches around the port, this damage is caused by inserting your charger and is extremely common.
  2. The Back Glass of your phone. Over time sand, dirt, etc can make their way into your case and will scratch the back of your phone.
  3. The upper right or left section of your screen. Earrings, etc will end up scratching your phone when held against your ear.


What does Screenburn or Ghost Images mean?

Screenburn or Ghost Images is a phenomenon that can happen on LCD displays when an image is displayed for too long. The image will start to show up as a burnt-in image on the screen, and it can be difficult or impossible to get rid of.

This happens because the pixels on an LCD display are always lit, even when they're not displaying an image. So if you have an image that's on the screen for a long time, the pixels will slowly start to wear out and become darker. Eventually, they'll become so dark that you won't be able to see them anymore, and they'll look like a burnt-in image on the screen.

This is more common with Samsung phones, but can happen on any device. The easiest way to find this is when you have a white background on your screen, we typically use the Settings Menu to look for screenburn or ghost images.


What are dead pixels in a phone display?

"Dead" pixels are those that show up as small white spots on your display. They're permanent, which means there's no way to fix them.

LCD displays are made up of tiny cells that contain liquid crystals. These crystals determine the color that each pixel will display. When a pixel is "dead," it means that the liquid crystal inside it is not working correctly.

You'll most likely notice dead pixels when you're looking at a light-colored background, like a website or document. But they can also be visible when you're looking at a dark screen.


What happens if Recell Cellular disagrees with my quote?

We stand behind our online quotes as long as you grade your phone accurately and answer the questions correctly when getting your quote. When there is a change in the quote we will provide you with pics of the damage on the phone or other documentation of changes in phone specific info like Storage, ESN Status, etc. You’ll receive this info in our email with your Order Recap along with a revised quote. You can accept the new quote or request that your phone is returned to you for free. We always offer a get your phone back free guarantee!


Selling An iCloud Locked Device Online:


Can I sell an iCloud locked iPhone?

Yes, you can sell an iCloud locked iPhone. We do not accept phones with owner messages similar to "This device is locked because it was lost or stolen." If you have questions about your phone you can call or email us to confirm it is sellable.


Can I sell an iCloud Locked iPad?

Yes, we do buy iCloud Locked iPads. We will require that the iPad does not have a message from the owner, but other than that, we're happy to buy your device!


Selling A Google/FRP Locked Phone Online:


What is Google Lock?

If you're talking about the "Google Lock" that appears when you reset an Android phone, it's basically a security measure to prevent someone from resetting your phone and then using it without your permission. If your phone is locked with your Google account, whoever tries to reset it will need to enter your Google account information in order to access the phone. This is a good way to prevent someone from being able to use your phone if they steal it or find it somewhere.


What is FRP Lock?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature on Android devices that prevents unauthorized access to the device if it has been reset to factory settings without the owner's permission. When FRP is enabled, anyone who attempts to reset the device must first enter the associated Google account or Samsung account credentials. This ensures that only the owner of the device can access it after a factory reset.


Can I sell a Google Locked phone?

Yes, you can sell a Google/FRP locked phone. We purchase Google Locked or as they are also called FRP Locked Samsung phones.


Bulk Sales Phones and iPads:


Do you buy phones in bulk?

Yes, we consider bulk orders to be 10 or more devices. We pay 10% above our quoted price for any orders of 10 phones or more. We work with both individuals and businesses who have bulk phones to sell.


Can I sell iPads in bulk?

10 or more iPads would be considered a bulk sale and eligible for a 10% Bonus over our quoted prices.


Random Q&A For Selling Your Phone Online:


When is the best time to Sell My Phone?

Phones depreciate and do not go up in value, so if you are considering selling time is of the essence in order to get the highest possible offer for your phone. Phone values drop most rapidly approx 2 months before the release of the newer model being released.


Do I need to include the original box and accessories?

You can include the box and accessories of your phone if you’d like to. Including these will not affect your quote.


Can I sell a broken phone to Recell Cellular?

Yes, at Recell Cellular we buy broken phones. As long as your phone powers on, we will take it! Please refer our grading guidelines for more info.


Do I need to reset/wipe my phone before selling?

Yes, you should reset and wipe your phone before shipping it. This will erase all of your data and remove any personal information from the device. It's also a good idea to remove the SIM card and/or memory card from the phone before shipping it.

Apple Support helps to reset/erase Apple Devices.

Samsung Support helps in factory reset on your phones.

Check the instructions to reset or hard reset OnePlus phones.

Check the instructions on Google Support to factory reset your Google Pixel phone.


Can I sell a phone not listed on your site?

Yes, in some cases you can sell a phone not listed on our site. If the phone is a new model that we don't currently list, or if it's a phone we no longer buy, we may still be interested in purchasing it from you. Contact our team to learn more.