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Sell Locked Galaxy S21 Plus

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Phone is New, Never Used or shows no signs of previous use.



Phone with excessive wear and tear, including: Screen with large number of scratches and/or deep scratches. Phone can have either a Cracked Screen or Cracked Back (both sides cannot be cracked, please see Poor/Broken). LCD must be in Excellent Condition - No Dead Pixels, Screen Burn, Ghost Images.



Phone shows light to moderate wear, including: Light Scratches on Screen Frame or Back. All Buttons work without issue. Phone is Fully Functional.



Phone must Power On. Damage can include Liquid Damage, LCD Damage, Cracked Screen and Cracked Back, or Bent Frame.

Can I Sell A Google Locked Samsung S21 Plus

It is perfectly okay to sell an FRP Locked Samsung S21 Plus to Recell Cellular. FRP Lock stands for Factory Reset Protection, and it is a security feature found on most Android smartphones. It is designed to protect your personal information and data if your phone is ever lost. When this lock is enabled, it requires anyone attempting to access the device to have the correct Google account credentials in order to unlock it. This means that even if someone else has control of your phone, they cannot gain access without knowing your login information.


When you sell your phone with Recell Cellular, you are helping keep other people's devices safe since Recell Cellular buys these phones for their components and parts. By providing them with an FRP-locked Samsung S21 Plus, you are contributing to their efforts in providing OEM quality parts and components that can be used in a variety of cell phone repairs. And since the device is locked (with either a passcode or Google/FRP lock) this ensures that no one else can get access to your personal information after you have sold the device.


Also, recycling your phone with Recell Cellular helps reduce electronic waste which can have a huge positive impact on our environment! So when you sell your FRP locked Samsung S21 Plus not only gives you value for money but also makes sure that no one else has access to your private data and at the same time helps protect our planet!

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