Sell My Bad ESN Phone

It simply means that you can't activate an iPhone on your current carrier. If you're suspicious of your phone ESN, you can verify it online.ESN numbers are found on the back of the phone by the battery, or in the phone settings. If an ESN service can't find any fault, try calling the carrier directly. They might not reveal the information about the account, but they can detail you when the hold was placed and why. Most CDMA will not activate a cell phone from another carrier. However, there are several things you can do with such phone and can also get guaranteed money. If you fall into this trap and buy a phone with a bad ESN, just bear in mind that there are several things that you can do with it.iPhone with a bad ESN, then you won't be able to activate that phone. Moreover a blacklisted iPhone is commonly known as a bad ESN iPhone.An iPhone with a blacklisted ESN is a phone that cannot be activated with any carrier. Your best option is to sell your blacklisted iPhone to Recell Cellular. It’s a great place to buy your bad ESN iPhone at An ESN is the electronic serial number assigned to your iPhone and is used with CDMA phones instead of SIM cards a great price.

Why would an ESN be bad?

Cellular carriers consider an ESN as bad if the phone is reported lost or stolen. The phones often bought from the private sellers are sometimes reported stolen after the sale. You might be wondering where to sell my bad esn phone? Recell Cellular is the exact place you are looking for!

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