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Recell Cellular offers you the best value for your old mobile phones. Selling your device on cashify is safe, easy and hassle free. However there are various companies that make smartphones would like you to believe that your life will somehow be lacking if you don't have the updated camera,processor etc.But there are plenty of good, slightly older, used smartphones out there .

Consider the right source

There is always the potential for fraud when you aren't walking into a name-brand retailer and buying a new phone that's going to be activated for you on the spot. For the best combination of savings and security, check out a genuine site. There are marketplaces where you can buy and sell a wide variety of used electronice, through their business models differ.

Recell as a trusted cell phone buyer

Almost each day someone puts a website up in an attempt to buy your phone. Making the right choice is critical in order to ensure that you get paid your promised price. We will pay you more for your phone. Choosing the payment options ensure that your payment is release in 3 business days or less. Time in business, bigger payouts and faster payouts with the complete security are all great reasons in deciding why Recell Cellular is the best place to sell your phone! We have achieved an A+ Rating from the BBB. Our customers are just plain happy with us. Pretty simple in theory, we deliver on our promises and our customers end up happy. If you ever encounter an issue or have a question please contact us by email or phone. We will get back to you fast!