Sell Broken Phone

Phones are breakable devices that are easily damaged by dropping, scratching or incidentally immersing them in water. Do you also have a broken phone? Are you confused what to do with a broken phone? Here is the good news for you that you can sell broken phone for the cash and get payment quickly. We will pay you the best price for your broken phone. Damage to the phone can be any kind of physical harm caused to your device by outside forces, such as a cracked screen or water damage. The replacement options depend on whether or not you have insurance. Do you wish to sell your mobile phone, but it isn't exactly in a brand new condition? There is still an extremely good chance you can sell it to a mobile recycler. There is everything you need to know about selling broken phones to mobile recyclers.

  • New - This means it's brand new, and has never been turned on
  • Good, working, or used - A phone that’s been used, but is undamaged and functioning fine
  • Broken - Doesn’t work, has a major flaw such as a smashed screen, or is just very, very scuffed
  • Not sure whether yours counts as working or broken? This guide will help you figure it out.

So can I sell broken phone?

A mobile phone qualifies as ‘broken’ if it’s in any of these conditions.

  • The screen is cracked
  • It has excessive scratches, dents, or chips
  • Microphones or speakers are broken
  • Buttons and keys are faulty
  • Battery is broken or missing
  • It doesn’t power up
  • SIM gate is broken
  • Operating system is missing or corrupt

Don’t worry; you can still get some cash for it! Enter your phone’s model into the search engine above and we’ll find the best prices for you. Just remember to select the ‘Broken’ option.

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