Sell Old Phone

Do you want to sell old phone, but it isn’t exactly in idle condition? Don’t worry- there is motionless opportunity for you. You can easily sell your old used phone to Recell cellular and can get the best payment immediately. So, don’t throw your broken phone as you can get an amazing price for that. The rapid increase in the cost of a new phone can be a hard pill to swallow, but it becomes easier if you sell your old one. Here’s how to make sure your personal information is securely wiped before you and your phone is sold off to a stranger. First thing is firs, Initiate with a Back up.

Back Up:

It is extremely essential to back up all the data currently on your phone. Not only will this prevent you from losing precious photos, but it’ll also make setting up your new phone a breeze, since you can restore all your apps, contacts and other data from the backup.

For all the Android users: Most Android phones shouldn’t run into trouble if someone else tries to activate them with a new account, but to be safe, one should sign out of your Google account prior to resetting your phone. Move to Settings > Users & Accounts, tap on your Google account and tap the “Remove Account” button. If you have a Samsung phone, you should also sign out of your Samsung account from Settings > Accounts > Samsung Account — tap the three dots in the corner and choose “Remove Account.”

Securely wipe your data

As soon as you’re sure you have everything backed up, you’re ready to erase that data from your device. Make sure these needs to be done in a way that ensures the phone’s new owner can’t recover any of your personal information.

Why Sell My Old Phone To Recell Cellular?

When you decide that I want to Sell My Used Mobile Phone you’ll find quickly there are a lot of options. Every now and then, someone puts a website up in an attempt to buy your phone. Considering the right choice is critical in order to ensure that you get paid and get paid your promised price. Time in business is a very important reason in deciding why to sell my old phone online to Recell Cellular!

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