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Sell Your Apple iPad Air 4th Gen

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Phone is New, Never Used or shows no signs of previous use.



Phone with excessive wear and tear, including: Screen with large number of scratches and/or deep scratches. Phone can have either a Cracked Screen or Cracked Back (both sides cannot be cracked, please see Poor/Broken). LCD must be in Excellent Condition - No Dead Pixels, Screen Burn, Ghost Images.



Phone shows light to moderate wear, including: Light Scratches on Screen Frame or Back. All Buttons work without issue. Phone is Fully Functional.



Phone must Power On. Damage can include Liquid Damage, LCD Damage, Cracked Screen and Cracked Back, or Bent Frame.

Questions and Answers: Sell Your iPad Air 4th Generation

If you're thinking about selling your Apple iPad Air 4th Generation, you may have some questions. We've gathered together some of the most common questions about selling an iPad Air 4th Gen. and asked our experts for their advice.


How Do I Know If My iPad Is The iPad Air 4th Gen?

The first step is to figure out what version of the iPad Air you have. The 4th generation apple iPad Air was released in October of 2020 and is distinguishable by its A14 Bionic chip. The Air 4 has a 10.9" Screen, comes with 4GB of RAM, and is available with either 64GB or 256GB of storage. Like previous iPad models, the Air 4 can be purchased with Wi-Fi connectivity only or with Cellular and Wi-Fi.


What Should I Do Before Selling My iPad Air 4?

Before you sell your iPad Air 4, there are a few things you should do to prepare it. First, remove your iCloud account from the device. This will prevent the new owner from having access to your personal data. Next, factory reset the iPad to erase all of your personal information. Finally, give the iPad a good cleaning. Once you've done all of this, you can grade the condition of your iPad. We've made grading your iPad as simple as possible by minimizing the grading scale - choose from Perfect (new, or shows absolutely no signs of use), Average (very light to moderate scratches, etc), Below Average (screen or body shows excessive wear, cracked screen but good LCD), or Poor (devices that have any LCD damage - a cracked screen with excessive wear on frame/body).


Can I Sell A Broken or Locked iPad Air 4?

You might be surprised to learn that you can sell a broken or locked iPad. While you won't get top dollar for it, you can still get a good offer for it.

There are a few things to keep in mind, though. First, you'll need to determine the condition of your iPad. If your Apple iPad Air 4 is broken it will need to be graded in either Below Average or Poor condition that we discussed above. Next, you'll need to determine the type of lock. The most common "locks" are either iCloud/Activation Lock or Carrier Lock also known as a Financed or Bad ESN. iCloud Activation Lock is a permanent lock and unless you have access to the email and password for that account you will not get back in that iPad. You can click here to get an offer for an iCloud Locked iPad Air 4. The more common lock is a Carrier Lock. Carrier Lock can mean a few different things depending on who you ask. Commonly Carrier Lock refers to the iPad being Financed with money owed on it, it can also mean that a device has been blacklisted by a Carrier and is no longer usable on cellular. Recell Cellular buys iPads no matter the lock type or condition!


How Much Is My iPad Worth?

When it comes to tablets, there's really only one name that matters: iPad. These sleek devices combine the best of both worlds, offering the powerful processing power of a computer with the portability and convenience of a smartphone. But what if you're thinking about selling your iPad? How much is it actually worth?

The answer to that question depends on a few factors, including the condition of your device, the type of lock (if any) that's in place, and the specs and cellular capabilities. In general, you can expect to get anywhere from $50 to $500 for your used iPad, depending on these factors. So if you're thinking about upgrading to the latest model, be sure to check out our trade-in values to get the best price for your old device!


What Happens After I Ship My iPad Air 4th Gen?

We typically see delivery in 3 to 4 days from the time you ship your iPad Air 4th Gen. Once we receive the item, it is inspected the next business day to and make sure that it's as described. Once one of our highly trained associates completes the inspection we'll send you an email that same day and begin the process of getting you paid. If you selected PayPal or WesterUnion you'll be getting your money in a matter of minutes up to a few hours, those who select payment by check will receive their check typically in 3 to 5 days. That's all you should need to know, so are you ready to sell your Apple iPad Air 4th Gen?

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