Sell Your Blacklisted iPhone

Can I Sell My Locked iPhone?

Recell Cellular is the best option to sell your locked iPhone. We pay more for Blacklisted and Bad ESN iPhones.

Let’s answer some common questions for anyone asking “Can I Sell My Locked iPhone?”.

  1. What determines if an iPhone is Locked?
    • Your carrier blocks your phone for nonpayment of a bill or financial agreement.
    • Your phone was reported Lost to an Insurance Company or Carrier.
    • You were sold a phone and it ends up being blocked by the Carrier.
    • Your phone is attached to a line and cannot be activated on a new account.
  2. How Much Is A Locked iPhone Worth?
    • Blacklisted iPhones are worth less than Clean ESN phones primarily because there are fewer practical ways to use a blocked iPhone.
    • There is not a set discount for these devices, but the newer the model iPhone the more it will be worth. Older models have less value as parts prices decrease over time.
  3. Is it legal to sell a Blacklisted iPhone?
    • In most cases yes it is. As long as you’re the legal owner of the device it can be sold.
    • Common sense applies here, obviously, you cannot sell a stolen phone.
    • If you have questions about your phone you can always email us the IMEI and ask if the device is ok to sell.


How To Sell Your Blacklisted iPhone To Recell Cellular

We make the online iPhone selling process easy, even if your iPhone is Blacklisted.

  1. Choose your Model and answer a few questions to get a free quote.
  2. Accept our quote, create an account, and get your pre-paid shipping label.
  3. Securely package your phone in your box or envelope and then attach the label we provided.
  4. Mail your phone. Keep your tracking number from the label and see where your phone is while it’s on the way to us.
  5. Get paid one business day after delivery.


Is Recell Cellular Safe and Legitimate?

YES! We have an A+ Rating from the BBB and have been n business for over 10 years. If you ever have a question you will get a fast answer, we are here every step to male your sale as easy as possible.

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