Recycle Your Old Cell Phones For Cash

Do you have any old cell phones that you are no longer using? Are you looking for something to do with that cell phone? You can try and sell that phone, do not worry if the phone is scratched, cracked, or even broken because Recell Cellular will buy most phones in any condition. If the cell phone does not have enough value to be sold to us you should not just throw it away and let it end up in a landfill. There is another option, recycling! Yes, you can recycle your cell phone and Recell Cellular will help you do it.

preparing to recycle your cell phone

What steps should I take before recycling my cell phone?

When you are preparing to recycle your cell phone you should take the following steps:


Why should I recycle my cell phone?

There are a couple reasons that you should recycle your cell phone. The biggest reason would be that recycling your cell phone helps the environment that you live in. It helps the environment because when cell phones are thrown away they can release dangerous toxins into the environment especially because of the batteries that most cell phones have. Another reason you should recycle your phone is because it could be illegal to throw your cell phone away depending on where you are since a lot of places in the United States like North Carolina, California, and New York have passed laws that prohibit the throwing away of electronic devices. Recycling the phone also makes sure that the cell phone does not have any value that is going to waste and the parts in it can be used to make new electronic devices. There also could be valuable materials like gold, copper, and silver in the cell phone that would go to waste if it was thrown away and ended up in a landfill. We at Recell Cellular will accept almost any kind of phone in any condition for recycling like the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro. We can also accept older iPhones or Samsung phones like Galaxy S20 5G or the Galaxy S20 plus.


What kind of phones can I send to Recell Cellular to recycle?

Recell Cellular purchases and accepts many kinds of phones for recycling. We can purchase and recycle iPhones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. We can purchase and recycle Samsung phones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra. We can purchase and recycle Google phones like the Pixel 4 XL. We can purchase and recycle OnePlus phones as well like the OnePlus 7T. Pretty much any kind of phone you have can be either purchased or recycled by Recell Cellular. We will also accept them in any condition for recycling.


How To: Recycle Your Old Cell Phones For Cash