Sell Broken iPhone for Cash

A lot of people consider their iPhone their best friend so it definitely hurts some when they get broken or damaged. There are many ways that your iPhone could have been damaged. It could have slipped out of your hand, it could have been knocked off of a table and these could have resulted in a pulverized screen. It also could have ended up in the pool and left you wondering anxiously if it would still power on. It might hurt now but we here at Recell Cellular have some news that might cheer you up, you can sell your broken or damaged cell phone for cash. As easy as it is to break an iPhone, it could be even easier to sell a broken iPhone. Regardless of how bad the damage to your iPhone is, Recell Cellular can help you with it. Even if the broken iPhone is too damaged to be sold we can still help you by recycling the iPhone. This will not only take the iPhone off your hands but it will help the environment because if the broken iPhone ends up in a landfill it could release harmful toxins.

Can I sell a cracked phone?

One of the most common ways to break an iPhone is cracking the phone’s screen. Almost everyone has experienced this, especially the brave people that choose to forgo a phone case since it is more likely that their phone will be cracked at some point. iPhones are getting stronger and stronger with each model but they still can only withstand so much before the break. It is heartbreaking when an iPhone breaks especially if it becomes completely unusable after it is damaged but keep in mind that even if an iPhone is completely broken it could still have some value.

How can I sell my broken iPhone?

It is extremely easy to find out your broken iPhone’s value and sell it. All you have to do is select the “sell my phone” option on Recell Cellular’s homepage. You will then choose that your brand is iPhone and the type of iPhone you have. Then you will give information about the condition of the phone. We will then give you a quote and once you have done that you can mail it to us using the prepaid shipping label we sent you. The next step is you getting paid for your iPhone.

Why should I sell my broken iPhone to Recell Cellular?

When looking for a place to sell your broken iPhone you have quite a few options like SellCell, Mazuma, BankMyCell, or an ecoATM. But compared to those options Recell Cellular is far superior. Recell Cellular has the best payouts in the industry, we pay fast, we offer the most cash, and we offer real time tracking of your order. If you have a PayPal account Recell Cellular can send your payment to that account and that option and you can also be paid through options like Western Union. Recell Cellular will release your payment the next business day after your broken iPhone is received and inspected. You can also use the money you get for your broken iPhone for a trade-in for a new iPhone that we have listed in our store.