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Sell Broken Phone for Cash


Our cell phones are one of the things we use the most in our lives. They are often subjected to a lot of wear and tear and sometimes they can become completely broken. When a phone becomes broken a lot of people think that the phone cannot be sold and has no value. These broken phones end up thrown away or sitting in a drawer. Throwing away broken cell phones is harmful to the environment so instead of throwing them away you can sell the broken phone. There are plenty of places that you can sell your broken cell phone like Mazuma, SellCell, BankMyCell, MyBrokenPhone, or an ecoATM but the most reliable one by far would be Recell Cellular. If your cell phone is broken to the point where it has no value Recell Cellular can also recycle the phone for you which will keep your broken phone from harming the environment.

What type of damage can be recycled?

The type of damage that we recycle at Recell Cellular includes:

  • The cell phone is unable to power up.
  • The cell phone does not function properly.
  • The cell phone has a damaged screen, case, or buttons.
  • The cell phone has water damage.
  • The cell phone has missing components.


What is the procedure for selling my broken phone?

Recell Cellular will pay you for a broken cell phone even if the screen does not work, the broken cell phone doesn't switch on, the phone is cracked or scratched, and if the phone has a faulty screen. As long as the cell phone is not snapped in half, Recell Cellular will be able to recycle it if it does not have enough value to be sold to us. Sending us your phone to recycle is certainly better than keeping a broken cell phone in a drawer or throwing the broken phone away which happens to a lot of broken phones. If the broken cell phone does end up in a landfill it could end up releasing dangerous and harmful toxins into the environment.

Can I sell my broken phone for cash on the spot?

Yes, you are able to sell a broken cell phone for cash on the spot and the place you should go to for it is Recell Cellular because they will give you high and fast payouts. If you are looking to do this you can sell it to Recell Cellular by clicking “sell my phone” on the homepage and then click on the cell phone’s manufacturer which will then show you a huge list of cell phone makes and models. Simply choose the make and model that applies to your broken cell phone and then state that the phone is “non-working” since that also covers damaged phones. Then we will give you a quote for the broken cell phone and then you will send your broken device to Recell Cellular using the prepaid shipping label we sent to you. You will then receive a payment on the next business day for the broken phone.