Sell Broken Phone for Cash

Our cell phones have become a vital part of life, but due to the wear and tear they can suffer—sometimes resulting in them becoming completely broken. Many think that their phone has no worth if it's damaged beyond repair; however, this simply isn't true! Instead of throwing away your broken device, you can sell it for cash or even recycle it with Recell Cellular – making sure our precious planet is kept safe from electronic waste along the way! No matter the damage you can sell your broken phone to us or turn it in to be recycled!


What Type Of Damaged Phones Can Be Recycled?

The type of damage that we recycle at Recell Cellular includes:

These are common issues found in broken or damaged phones. On each Product Page, we offer grading guidelines with images to make grading as easy as possible. When in doubt you can always call or email with questions!


What Is The Procedure To Sell My Broken Phone?

Selling your broken phone is easy with Recell Cellular - just three simple steps and you're done! First, to properly grade your phone, you'll need to identify the issues. Second, select your model and answer a few questions for a quote. Finally, check out on-site and receive a free shipping label to send your device - once it's received, you'll get paid in just a single business day! Simplicity and speed are key when it comes to selling your broken phone. So why wait? Start the process today with Reccell Cellular and be sure that you sell it fast and make some money too!


How Much Is A Broken Phone Worth?

When it comes to how much a broken phone is worth, there are several factors to consider. On the one hand, one must assess the extent of damage and how much it cost to repair the phone. On the other hand, how old is the phone, and how much can you get for it if you resell it? Both of these components come together in determining how much that broken phone is worth. If you damage the newest model iPhone it will have a higher value than a 3 year old phone. The newer the phone the more expensive the repair parts are, so we put more money into that device with the hope of re-using parts. The older the phone is the less replacement parts cost and typically there are more of these devices in the market so parts are easier to get. Generally, people are surprised how much their broken is worth. 


Why Should I Sell My Broken Phone To Recell Cellular?

Selling your broken phone to Recell Cellular is the right move if you want to maximize the value of your device. Our price and reputation stand out from competitors because we pay more than anyone else. Additionally, our service is second to none – so why would you settle for anything less? At Recell Cellular, we understand how important it is to research different online cell phone buyers before making a decision. That's why we encourage customers to compare our service with others: once they do, they'll quickly see why we stand out in a crowd. So why wait? Put your trust in Recell Cellular and get top dollar for your broken phone today!