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How to Sell a Cell Phone on Recell Cellular

If you’ve been looking to sell your cell phone - or if you searched ‘sell cell phone’ - you may have already come to the conclusion that Recell Cellular is the best place to sell it to. That’s great! If you haven’t, there’s tons of information and arguments as to why (here and here), but that’s beside the point.

You’ve already decided to sell your cell phone, so now you want to know exactly how to do it in order to get that money in your pocket.

t’s really easy: in just three main steps, you can have most of your phone’s value back and be free to do whatever you want. That could be getting a new model and upgrading. Or it could be trying out a different brand and seeing what features are offered.

Let’s start out with determining the phone’s initial value.


Determining Initial Value

You’ll be prompted to answer a series of questions when you’re first using the quote system to try and sell cell phones. You’ll have to select what kind of device and model you have, along with a few questions about whether or not the phone is locked, financed, and what kind of condition it’s in.

Along the way, the phone’s value will be changed repeatedly. This represents the answers to the questions that you make - so you’re always getting accurate updates in terms of what the phone is actually worth.

By the end of it, you’ll have an extremely accurate, fair quote that reflects what you’ll most likely be paid by Recell Cellular (pending any issues found in inspection). Once you’ve done this and you’re ready to sell your cell phone, you’ll move onto the next step: packaging and mailing your phone.


Mailing and Shipping Your Phone

Once you’ve determined the price that you’ll get for your phone, you’ll want to get everything ready to package and ship it. You can print out a free USPS label. Then it’s best to get a nice, secure box to contain the phone in. It’s a good idea to get proper packaging for your phone, too - bubble wrap or several layers of thick paper are good options, to make certain that your phone is safe and no damage can be done to it during transit.

Apply the USPS seal to your package and get ready to mail it. If it’s small enough and you have postage, you should be able to send it through your mailbox. If not, you can go to a private business like UPS or Fedex to get it mailed to Recell Cellular.

Get it shipped ASAP and Recell should receive it within a few days!


Arrival, Inspection, and Payment

Once it has arrived, Recell Cellular will conduct an investigation on the phone you sent in. They will inspect it for its condition, note the OS it has, check the model, and look at the phone’s overall quality and age. All of this will determine the final amount that you will be paid. If there is a significant difference in the amount, it will be noted and you will be emailed to review the offer - you can decide whether or not you want to take it.

If there are no differences in the original value and the offered amount, you will be paid the day after the inspection, which occurs after the day of delivery. So, all in all, it shouldn’t take more than a few days from shipping to receive the payment.


Sell Your Cell Phone on Recell Cellular

Selling your old cell phones on Recell Cellular is a great experience - you’re getting most of the value for your phone back, the process is incredibly fast, and everything about the model is incredibly clear. You’ll get the value for your device back, with little difficulty or effort.

Sell old cell phones to Recell Cellular and get great value! The steps are easy, the payoff is huge, and you won’t get a better offer from anywhere else - Recell Cellular is the real deal.