Sell Cell Phones In Bulk

Do you have a large number of phones that you are looking to get rid of? You are in luck because at Recell Cellular we can purchase cell phones in any quantity.

What are bulk cell phone sales?

At Recell Cellular we consider bulk sales to be orders that contain more than ten phones at one time.


How long will it take for my bulk sale to be processed?

Generally at Recell Cellular we only take one business day to inspect and process orders and we process them through the order of delivery. When it comes to orders containing forty or more devices we ask for a minimum of one additional business day to inspect and process the order.


What types of phones can I sell in bulk?

At Recell Cellular we buy almost every type of phone in bulk. Every manufacturer that Recell Cellular purchases can be purchased in bulk as well. Pretty much as long as the cell phones will power up, we will buy them in any condition and in bulk.


What are the benefits of bulk sales?

There are many benefits of selling phones in bulk to Recell Cellular the first being that for orders that meet our bulk sale criteria we will add ten percent to the quoted price. We also will offer free FedEx shipping on bulk orders, our payouts are fast and can be through either PayPal or check on bulk orders, we completely wipe your phones of all your data to ensure your personal security, we have very simple requirements when it comes to the condition of the phones, we also can recycle phones from your bulk sale in order to ensure sustainability, we publish prices on Sunday and those prices are good until the following Sunday, and we simplify the process of pricing your phones with the use of our Google Spreadsheet which is linked right below. Prices that are found on the site can change multiple times per week but prices on our spreadsheet are guaranteed for the entire week. To get current week pricing phones must be received by the following Friday.

Bulk Pricing

Who would benefit from selling cell phones in bulk?

Many people would benefit from the ability to sell cell phones in bulk to Recell Cellular such as organizations with large quantities of cell phones, businesses that upgrade phones regularly, people in industries such as transportation and healthcare, if you have a sales force with cell phones, truck or Uber drivers, or independent cell phone store owners. Pretty much anyone with ten or more phones would benefit from selling cell phones in bulk to us.