Sell iPhone for Best Price

With the iPhone 12 about to be released in September you might be wondering what to do with your current iPhone 11. It happens every year when Apple releases its new phone and I’m here to tell you that what you want to do is sell your iPhone for the best price. Selling your current iPhone could really help you pay for your new one.

When should I sell my iPhone?

While selling your iPhone is not exactly like selling stocks they do have one major thing in common, you want to sell when the prices are high. For iPhones that is typically right before they announce their next model, like now since they will announce the iPhone 12 relatively soon. After they announce the next iPhone everyone will be trying to sell their current iPhone, prices start going down, and people’s interest switches. While this could change at any time, Apple tends to release their new iPhones in September which has been shown in the last few years. Though it is inconvenient it is still a good idea to sell your iPhone before they announce the next one. Though you may have to use a cheap prepaid phone for a few weeks you will make more money selling it before they announce their next model.


What steps should I take before selling my iPhone?


How to sell my iPhone for cash?

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