'Sell My Phone?' The Benefits and Why You Should Do It

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or change brands, selling your phone has a lot of benefits attached with it that many people don’t realize, as long as you do it right. You can rid yourself of a plan you don’t like, ditch your old phone for the newest version, or even just trade for something that’s more your style.

What many people do, however, unfortunate though it may be, is sell their phone for far less than it’s worth. For example, going through a huge company, maybe even your cell service provider, who may buy it back but at a poor rate, and then proceed to resell it for far more. This obviously isn’t the best outcome.

Instead, consider selling it online rather than in-person, and examine your options: you’d be surprised by how much you’re really able to get.

Benefits of Selling Your Phone Online

There are a few noticeable, important benefits to selling your phone online. If you’ve ever thought, ‘Should I sell my phone?’ and were wondering how to do it, here are the greatest boons to doing so online.


1. Safer Than A Public Sale

If you were to try to sell to someone in person, there are a variety of different risks associated with that. First of all, how do you know someone isn’t trying to scam you or rob from you?

Online marketplaces like the Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist can be a great place to find a deal, but they aren’t immune from people trying to fraud or steal from others, and you eventually have to meet in person. Selling your phone online to a trusted company bypasses all of that in a very handy, efficient way.


2. Easy to Compare Different Offers/Buyers

There’s also many benefits to being able to compare different offers and buyers. It’s far more likely that you’ll get a better deal than you would otherwise by being able to compare what people are willing to pay for your device. It may be an insignificant amount, true: but it could also be much more, and why shouldn’t you get the maximum amount that your device is worth?


3. Can Find A Buyer For Any Phone/Condition

This may be the best bit of selling online out of all of it: especially if you have an older phone, a strange brand or model, or one that’s in poor condition. You may not be able to receive as much money as you would like, because let’s face it: people would pay far less for a broken phone than one that works, after all, but it’s far better to be able to get something rather than nothing because you can’t find a buyer in the first place.


Benefits of Selling to Recell Cellular

Recell Cellular should be a company in your head if you’ve thought ‘should I sell my phone?’ recently. The various benefits they offer to customers, including the high public prices for locked and financed phones, along with the length of time in business and their overall reviews puts them as one of, if not the best, possible options.


1. Length of Time in Business/Customer Reviews

Recell Cellular has been in business since 2011 and it’s clear that they aren’t going anywhere. Reselling isn’t an easy industry to get into: there’s a lot of competition and it’s hard to find your own niche. The high reviews they have (4.5+ stars on average) also points towards how often customers have a good experience with Recell Cellular.


2. Online Chat/Competitive Prices

The prices at Recell Cellular are about as competitive as they can be made to be without the company buying at a loss. Recell offers great prices for pretty much any kind of phone, and you can get an online quote in minutes. If you want to chat with someone from the company, they also offer online chat for any of your questions or needs.


3. Published Prices for Locked/Financed Phones; BBB Accredited Business

Finally, having published prices for locked/financed phones means that you know right off the bat what to expect when selling your device. You have a ballpark in terms of what you can expect to get, and this can help you when planning out your deal and really getting the best possible offer that you can.

Recell Cellular is BBB Accredited, with 5/5 stars and 20 online reviews. They have a very positive online reputation. This is a company that has been in business for a decade and is well-reviewed and received by consumers and professionals.

Recell Cellular has a great online quote system that lets you input all of the information about your phone in order to get a really accurate, quick quote. This, combined with the published prices, are some of the greatest benefits to selling your phone online--and using Recell Cellular to do so.


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