Sell Old Phone

Do you have any old phones that are not exactly in idle condition that you want to get rid of? There is a solution, you can sell your cell phones! You have quite a few options if you would like to sell your old phones and the best one by far is Recell Cellular. The rapid increase in the cost of a new phone can be a hard pill to swallow, but it becomes easier if you sell your old one, so make sure you do not just throw your old phone away because you can still get a good price for it from us. Below is some information that will be useful when preparing your old phone to be sold and shipped to us here at Recell Cellular.

How to back up my phone?

It is very important for you to back up all of the data that is currently on your old phone. This will do more than prevent you from losing your precious photos, it will also make setting up your new phone easier since you can restore all of your apps, contacts and the other data from the backup.

For Android users: For the most part, Android phones should not have any trouble if someone else tries to activate them with a new account but just to be safe you should sign out of your Google account before you reset your old phone. To do this go to your settings > go to Users & Accounts, tap on your Google account and tap the “Remove Account” button.

For Samsung users: Samsung users should also sign out of their Samsung account. They can do this by opening your settings > go to Accounts > go to Samsung Account then tap the three dots in the corner and choose the “Remove Account” option.

For iPhone users: People with iPhones also should sign out of their phones. They can sign out of their phones by going to their settings > choose your name > scroll and choose “Sign Out” > then enter your Apple ID information and choose “Turn Off”. They should then choose to sign out.


Should I wipe the data from my phone?

Once all of the information on your old phone has been backed up you are ready to wipe your old phone. You should wipe your old phone so that the phone’s next owner cannot recover any of your personal information.


Who should I sell my old phone to?

If you have an old phone that you are looking to sell you should consider selling it to Recell Cellular. Recell Cellular is the best place to sell that old phone because of their high and fast payouts. We will offer you the most money and pay you the next day. Recell Cellular also have many satisfied customers since customer service is the most important thing to us. We have maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau which shows how good we are with our customers and how happy our customers end up being.