Selling Locked Phones

Do you have a cell phone that you have tried and been unable to unlock? Are you worrying that the money you put into that phone is now going to waste? There is still a way for you to get some use out of that phone, you can sell it! Recell Cellular will purchase your phone even if you forgot the password and cannot get into it or you are stuck in a financial agreement with the phone’s carrier. If you are still making monthly payments on your cell phone all you have to do is choose “Financed ESN” when putting information about your phone to receive a quote.

What is a “locked phone”?

A phone being locked means that the phone is locked to one particular carrier. If you try putting a SIM card from a different carrier into the phone it will not work. If you are unsure whether or not your phone is locked to a particular carrier there are a few different ways to check. It could also mean that you financed the cell phone and are stuck giving the phone’s carrier monthly payments or you forgot the phone’s password and are now locked out of the phone and unable to get in even though the phone belongs to you.


How do I check if my iPhone is locked?

The easiest way to check for an iPhone is to go into your settings, opening Mobile (or Cellular) Data > Mobile (or Cellular) Data Options, then look for Mobile Data Network (or Cellular Data Network). If you see Mobile Data Network (or Cellular Data Network) your iPhone is probably not locked but this method is not always one hundred percent correct. You can also call your phone’s carrier or use an online IMEI checker.


How do I check if my Android is locked?

One way to check whether or not your Android is locked is to go into the phone’s settings, open Connections, open Networks (could say Mobile or Cellular networks), then choose Network Operators. If you only see one operator or you do not have the option to search Networks then your phone is probably locked but this method is not always one hundred percent correct. You can also try putting a SIM card from another carrier into the phone and see if it gives you an unlock phone prompt, if it does your Android is locked.


Where should I sell my locked phone?

If you're looking to get top dollar for your locked phone, Recell Cellular is the place to be. Not only do we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau - guaranteeing a quality experience with reliable customer service - but our buyback process will also put money into your pocket in as little as one business day after it delivers! What are you waiting for? Get paid faster and easier when selling that old, broken, or locked cell phone at Recell Cellular today!