Selling Your Used Cell Phone Has Never Been Easier

At Recell Cellular we go out of our way to make sure that selling your used cell phone is as easy as possible. Our founder’s motto is we will sacrifice profit to maintain our integrity and that is how we conduct our business here at Recell Cellular.


How exactly does Recell Cellular make the process of selling my used phone easier?

We offer you multiple payment methods including PayPal and WesternUnion. We buy phones that a lot of other people would not consider purchasing like cell phones that are locked, broken, financed, or bad ESN. We offer our customers a quote that is guaranteed for fifteen days and we have fast payouts, you get paid for your used cell phone within two business days. We also buy phones in bulk although orders with fifty or more phones take an additional business day to be inspected.


How do I know that Recell Cellular is the best place to sell my used cell phone?

We have been in business for eight years and have managed to maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our reviews reflect how amazing our business is like this review from Blake R., “I had an A+++ experience with them. Once they received my phone and inspected it, they actually emailed me back and offered me more money than the initial offer! I woke up this morning and $$ was in my paypal account. I will definitely use their services again and I highly recommend Recell Cellular to everyone. Thank you again!” The following link is to our Better Business Bureau profile which shows our rating from them and some reviews:


What sets Recell Cellular apart from other online phone buyers?

Our transparency is what sets us apart from other online buyers. This is also reflected in the review from above because we paid that particular customer more than the original quote due to an error on the customer’s end during checkout and we have multiple other reviews that have experienced the same thing with us. When issues arise we provide customers a GSX report from Apple. Some more examples of things we can provide our customers in the name of transparency are a carrier report from your cell phone’s carrier, and a CheckMend report. Through these reports we have been able to provide our customers with information on their cell phones that not even they were aware of and we can do the same for you if you choose to do your business with us instead of another online phone buyer which we do heavily suggest.


What are the steps I have to follow to sell my used cell phone to Recell Cellular?