Why Us

Why Choose Recell Cellular to Sell My Phone

There's no shortage of online cell phone buyers these days, but there are some factors that set us apart. The reputation of the company is the most important factor for anyone choosing where should I sell my phone. We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited company with an A+ Rating, only a few other companies can say that! Any seller needs to feel confident that they will get paid for their device after it is put in the mail and that they have an accurate quote. Over the years we have looked at ways to make the checkout process easier and give you the tools to get a quote consistent with the condition of your phone. During checkout you will be asked the Carrier, Storage, Condition, ESN Status and Lock Status, if those questions are answered without error we guarantee your quote for 15 days. These are the reasons we have the highest reputation and why we are the best choice for you when you decide I want to sell my phone.


We Make Getting Paid Easy When You Sell Your Phone Online

How much and how fast you get paid are the next most important questions about selling your phone online. Our prices are comparable to any other online cell phone buyer. Plus, we offer next business day after delivery payments to all customers. Some companies offer a reduced price to pay this fast. We never make you wait to get cash for your phone. Choose from payment by PayPal, WesternUnion or mailed check. Choosing PayPal or WesternUnion guarantee you access to your funds within 1 Business Day. Payment times by mailed checked vary, we mail it next business day and it will generally get to you in 2 - 5 days. Please compare our offer for your phone, the speed to inspect your phone, and the payment options we offer versus anyone else while choosing where to sell your phone online.


We Care About You

Please take the time to read reviews of our Service by actual customers on Google and with the BBB. Our customers love our service! There are a few reasons why: Communication, Integrity and Timeliness. When reading our reviews you will see several mentions about our communication. We are available by Online Chat, Phone Call and Email. You'll find that people enjoy the fact that we answer their questions quickly and honestly. See if other online cell phone buyers offer this many contact options and see if their customers brag about their questions getting answered quickly or at all. As you can tell we take pride in our reputation, integrity in everything that we do is what separates us from the competition. We realize that when you are thinking "should I sell my phone online" you are really questioning can I TRUST that I will end up getting paid. We've been buying online since 2012 and have always looked at our service as if we were the customer. Everything we've talked about is what we provide day in and day out.